Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I wish i could knit . . .

and I woulde make these for Gem . . .

Or these . . .

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Random Procrastination

Summer and her family are coming to visit tomorrow - I am soooooo excited!! She is coming in the morning/lunch time on her way to the Lake - whoohoo!! So I have been trying to clean/tidy the house, hence the procrasination blog!! :)

Here are some new pics . . . Gem in her new wool shorties ( a diapering thing!) She was 11lbs 9oz at the doctor visit today!! And then at Vaca Bible School last week they gave each of the kids a little New Testament. (The girls like to pretend it is a hymnal, which kills me when they 'sing' the songs that are 'in' there!!) And if you look at the picture of Gem in her 'gym' you will see the little orange bible that B hung up for Gem to enjoy. Wow, vacation bible school seems to really work!!!

Then A and B upside down - they asked me to take this picture so they could see what they look like upside down, hum.

And these are a couple of pics from the neighborhood 'parade' that the girls were in for the 4th of July. They raved about being in a parade for at least a week or two after this!! It went all the way from the cul-de-sac on our street to the pool, trust me that is not far at all!! DH helped them decorate their bikes - they did a great job!!

And that is all for now!! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!! I will take pics tomorrow of Summer's fly-by visit!!! Enjoy So You Think You Can Dance and Big Brother tonight, at least I will!!!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hyena Cart

This is the neatest online marketplace!!

I think Kelli and Summer should start a cart for papercrafts, there just are not enough on here - and you guys do great work!!

And Khara, when you are not too busy to knit (when the ER is quiet) you could open up a knitting cart!!

Me, I will manage your carts for you and buy your stuff, b/c I spent a small fortune there today on diapers and knit soakers . . . don't let dh know!! HeHe, he will know soon enough when the fluffy mail arrives!! To make money for all the diapering stuff I buy though, I really need to learn how to make these Waldorf dolls . . . $115?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

'Fluff' Post!

So I am going to dry again with my "Fluff" post. I am going to start over from scratch, so here we go!! (If you don't care about cute diapers, you don't have to read this!!) And I really need better pics, but Gem is tired of modeling!!

I love to dry my diapers outside in the sun, but we keep having rain showers pop up, so I hang them to dry in my laundry room, or just put them in the dryer!! But if I am saving the environment by not clogging up the landfills, I should be energy conscious too, hummm.

I love to use the Bum Genius All-in-ones when we are outside of the house(You can see them hanging to dry in the first picture!) But when we are home the easiest and cheapest diaper is the good old prefold. These are the diapers that are parents used on us. They are soft and do not stain easily!! And if they do, I just put them in the sun for a day and voila, no more stain!! They are made of plain cloth, that you fold around and then put a cover on!
Covers are so cute! They are not made of rubber but soft cotton and a laminated fabric. I am also going to order a minkie one, here, I think the pink on chocolate, but they have a bunch of new fabrics that I need to browse!!

This is an newborn prefold, but we have finally graduated to the bigger size, infant (not pictured here though!)

This is the prefold 'snappied' instead of pinned! You just stretch it across and it holds onto the fabric! NO PINS!!

Covers are so cute! They are not made of rubber but soft cotton and a laminated fabric. I am also going to order a minkie one, here, I think the pink on chocolate, but they have a bunch of new fabrics that I need to browse!! (Let me know which one you like!!)
This is her plain yellow Thirsties cover!! We have used it since she was newborn and it still fits her!! But it is getting to the end of the aplix, so I do have bigger ones in pinks (They are hanging to dry in the second laundry room pic!!)

Our new nighttime diapers are pocket diapers. I only have two of these because I wasn't sure if I would like the, but I do!! Since Gem is sleeping for 5-6 hours at time at night, these last the whole time and keep her feeling totally dry!! I have a pink one and one with polka dots! I need some more of these!!! Oh, and I don't have a picture but the newest diaper that I have to try is Gem's Happy Hempy!! It is the softest thing you have ever felt and it should last her up to 12 hours!! Gotta love hemp!!

But that is all for now!! Thanks for letting my crazy 'granola' side shine through for a minute!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

It is National French Fry Day . . .

The other night I worked very hard on a long post showing off my 'stash' of diapers and the girls. And I got so frustrated b/c I hadn't downloaded the pics in the right order and I was too tired to edit the html and I just couldn't get them to drag properly. So it is in draft status indefinitely.

But even though I was too tired to edit the post, we are all doing well here in the ATL! Gem is sleeping almost 5 hours from about 9pm-2am and then from 2-5 and then 5-8 so we are actually feeling more rested, especially since we are splitting up the feedings. And if I could go to sleep at 9pm with Gem, I would be golden, but I would miss Big Brother and So You Think You can Dance, b/c sometimes they are on at 9. And I would feel strange going to bed that early, I don't think I have done that since I was 9!

I hope to ice skate this weekend. I actually might go to the Saturday public skate, just to get on the ice without kids. I need to speak to the kids that train there all day b/c they babysit for adult skaters kids. In fact, one of the girls that skates there has to pay for half her own lessons and maybe I could let her keep Gem while the big girls and I skate. But I will have to go to the rink just to talk to her . . . and I will have to find a part time job again, $$ ice time, $$ coaching, $$babysitting. Blah. When does school start - I need some tutorees!

And while reading Kelli's blog, I thought about some links for you:

The first is a song I love - I like this version better than the newer version.

Will this give you enough squares??

Even though the kids might think these were fun, I bet my DH would like them better! And this link just has some strange, yet fun stuff!

And yesterday we had fried chicken for dinner! YUM!! I haven't had this in sooo long, and it was Soooo tasty!! But I saw this and laughed, is chicken supposed to be relaxing or were these ad agents smoking something?? And 20 years later, what were these ad agents smoking??? But this one WINS the strange chicken award!! Wait, wait, this one might be a runner up . . . what do you think he is saying??

And on the food note . . . $5 for Christmas, ahh inflation. Do ads like these really make us want to eat these little nuggets? But, this rap made laugh...

Oh and Gem is up and wanting something, so I am out of here!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Just an ordinary day!

Finally, we have all resettled after the beach and the extremely late night on the 4th of July! It took a couple of days for us to unpack and get into a routine!Then we were all out until after 10pm on the 4th. So the girls were tired, I was tired and Gem could tellyesterday. We went shopping and went crazy at the Disney store since they were having a HUGE sale!!

But today was normal. Gem actually took 2 naps in her crib which gave me time to clean. I took a picture of her in one of her cute diaper covers! And a picture of my 'stash!' I really love using prefolds and covers because they are so easy and cheap! And no matter what she puts into a prefold, we just don't get any stains!! (She has a prefold under this cover!) Then we are using the bumgenius at night since they are all-in-one and wick away the wetness so she feels dry!! I will have to take pictures of all my stuff for you someday! And just in case you wanted to see lots of newborns in cloth and know I am not alone . . . click here!!

While cleaning I 'found' toys that had been hidden under other toys and the girls played with them like they were new!! There was a birthday party for 'Kitty' and Thomas and his friends traveled all around the downstairs!!
Then they got to watch the movie that A calls - "Booty and the Beast," Dh really wants to know why I showed that to them!! HEHE - the word beauty is a very hard word to say!!! I took some pictures to share with you all!

The Big Sisters goofing around!!

Here is "Kitty's Party," too bad she is not in the picture!

This is the 'other' table. I am not sure what you had to do to be sent here . . .

And here is your party server!!

Gem having some playtime!! I could have sworn I rotated this picture in photoshop, but I guess I didn't save it!!

Goose having some playtime later!! He wanted to see what all the fuss was about!! I don't think he was too stimulated by it!!

And Gem just posing for the camera!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

We're Back!!

We had a fantastic time at the beach. It was fun and everyone got down to the beach!! A and B loved it and really enjoyed having Granny and GGG there too! We ate out every night, and sadly tomorrow it is back to reality and time to start losing Gem weight! I will tell you all about our trip later, but Gem just went down to bed - and I am going too. I really will enjoy it when she sleeps for more than 3 hours at a time!!