Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back from Virginia! MORE PICS!!

As we do every summer we took a trip to VA to visit with the family! Although this year the trip was a little last minute . . . it was still really fun! We visited with my dad, my grandma, my mom, my brother, and the inlaws.

My mom flew down and drove back up with me and the girls. There is really no way that I can drive 12 hours with the three of them by myself! And then on Monday we went to my dad's house. We terrorized his house, well, Gem terrorized it. We went swimming at his pool, visited with Grandma a couple of times, played on the slip and slide, and watched a movie with Grumps. The girls really enjoyed themselves. Dad also had some souvenirs for us from his trip to Africa including a book for the girls - about a girl living in the wild. They love it. And I got an elephant hair bracelet and an ostrich egg! I am proud to say, that he managed to get the egg back from Africa and I managed to get it back to GA without breaking it!!

Then we went to my mom's house. The girls loved playing in the yard and with the car that she has for them. Gem enjoyed terrorizing her place as well! We shopped, we picnic'd, the girls saw Wall-E, we danced in the rain, they spent the afternoon with Uncle Robb playing in the sandbox and around the yard. We went to farmers markets and had DELICIOUS fresh veggies and fruit. They planted seeds, played in the dirt, picked and ate wild rasberries and cherries. We really did have a blast.

Then we went down to Richmond to see Dh's parents and then on to the river house. The house is on theTappahanok river just before it joins with the Chesapeake Bay. Is is lovely. I forgot to take the camera out of the car . . . I know, I know. But the girls swam in the river, went on the paddle boat with daddy and papa, collected rocks, and have really bad sunburn. There was another set of identical twins there with us, celebrating their 11 birthday, and I am so not ready for preteens!!
Dh's Grandma came with us and we weren't at the house more than 10 minutes and she fell and hit her head on the brick steps. We rushed her to the emergency room and seven staples later, the poor 87 year old finally took it easy. JUST A LITTLE STRESS at this point. But she is okay, and hopefully will not try to carry the corn and go up the steps at the same time again!!

Then we drove home yesterday. It is so nice to be home.

My big Baby A chilling at Grumps house!

My big baby B posing!
The LO goofing around!

Grumps and Gem taking a walk!

Grumps, Gem and Great Grandma hanging out in her new place!

Great Grandma and the big girls!

Great Grandma L with the girls!

Grumps and the girls feeding the ducks!

The evening view from Mom's house.

Gem enjoying the view.

We went for a walk with Uncle Robb!
Uncle Robb played in the sandbox with the girls. They found some dinosaur bones and Robb put them together!

We went bowling . . . Baby A beat us all! Several strikes and a spare at 5 1/2 - she wants to take bowling lessons. Hum...

Hey, puppy - come back here . . .

Is there where I am going to sleep?

The Park with my mom:


Don't Stand up in there . . .

Grandma before the 7 staples! She would not let me take a picture of her afterwards b/c she had a wrap on her head!