Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Secret Weapon

here is Karen and I doing a show for you all...back in the day! LOL...

OMG check out the Tator Tot guy...YUM! NOT.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

and since i actually surfed the net for the first time in ages . . . this is what I found for you guys . . . LOVE THE 80's!

Bad, Bad Blogger

I am all packed . . . really! And there are only 12 hours until I leave for my 3 week tour of Good ole' Virginia! Lynchburg, Purcellville, Fairfax, Tapahannick (Sp?) and Richmond! WOOHOO! I have been so bad about blogging in the last few months - sorry . . . hopefully when I get back I will have more of a life than I have had recently to blog about!

Okay, I am outie - have an awesome end of June and 4th of July!! Love you all!! K out

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Today another one of us turns, yup, 30!!
Yeah Skettie!!

"in my out of tune voice!"
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Annette, Happy Birthday to YOU!!

So, in honor of 3 decades of life here are some of the things I love about Skettie!

1. She is a true friend, that really sticks with you, no matter what has happened or how long it has been since you talked - I can count on her!
2. She is a wonderful listener - she really hears what you say.
3. She loves Lost!! And calls me during commercial breaks so that we can chat about the 'crazy' things that show manages to pull off!!
4. She is a strong woman - even if she doesn't see it - or believe it about herself - I know that she has it in her! She can do it.
5. She is a traveler and has lived in other countries that I doubt that I will ever get to see - which drives me insane because I love traveling.
6. She was the only one that skated with me in Dallas!
7. She laughs at me (which is good - because I think that I am funny) and I know there are times when I am not and she laughs anyway to be nice and make me feel good about myself!
8. She is a Hokie- 'nuff said!
9. She has shown me that God does have a plan for us, that he loves us all and in the end, it is all his will. No matter how much we plan or try to avoid the inevitable, God is in control.
10. She has taught me that friends are always there for each other, good or bad. I only hope that she knows that even if I really can't say it aloud in the way I want it to come out - I am there for her too for the next 60 or so years!

Happy Birthday Annette, you are a special person, and now I don't feel so old, since you have rejoined me in my 30's!! Just kidding, kinda! I am proud of what you have accomplished in your first 30 years, I can only imagine what you will do in the next 60! Love you!