Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Your Daddy Is George Clinton
What You Call Him: Pops
Why You Love Him: You don't love him, you just love calling him "daddy"

Oh, I did have a reason to blog today!

I totally forgot - I was caught up in not being weird - Khara says 'Hello' to all of you!! She just got a full scholarship to her first choice Nursing school!! GO Khara!! We know you want to blog too - it is like, all the cool kids do it! Love ya!


Well, I am really surprised that all of you went to so many different schools too!! Wow!! Maybe I can win a state contest (I think Anette would win the 'live in different countries' award) - so I have lived in MA, TX, PA, DC, VA, GA - 6 total.

AND I think it might be time for weekly questions - becuase it seems like I have been blogging those recently!!

How Weird are you??

You Are 30% Weird

Not enough to scare other people...
But sometimes you scare yourself.

I was surprised!! I am only 30% weird!! And I thought that I was weirder!
I did go ice skating today - but my new skates aren't here yet :( boohoo! I did have fun again!! And I am getting to know the people at the rink! That is scary! I know the guy that I pay, the skaters that are my age, and some of the coaches say 'hi!' I am so tempted to ask the coaches about lessons - but then I think that they will laugh. I mean why do I want lessons?? Do I need to get all those litttle ribbons that I got as a kid to hang in my room? That would be cute!
Anyway, I am outta here!! Have a wonderful day! LYLAS (remember this??) Karen

Sunday, January 29, 2006

I can't sleep!

So, I drank green tea with dinner - but it is supposed to have a small amount of caffeine - right? My mind will not stop going round and round!! Yikes and I just thoughtI would share this with all of you!!
When you get frustrated do you talk to yourself?? I do. Bad habit - and I call myself Karen Lindquist - which is wierd to hear!! You know it was funny - my dad addressed an envelope to us - and wrote Lindquist - and included dh! It just sounded strange. So I just went on Classmates.com and found my high school class, and then my middle school and my elementary school. Do you know that I went to 5 different schools, 1 elementary, 2 middle and 2 high schools! Crazy! I could even put myself into the schools that I taught in 'alumni' finder!
But anyway - I will stop and surf somewhere else tonight! I hope that you slept well - it is midnight now and I am watching Designed to Sell - becuase I love this show- and I don't know why!!! AAGH!! Sleep - where are you!! I would take a Tylynol PM but since I am up b/c of green tea - that mght make me feel really wierd!! I am done, I promise!!

Ahh, the life of luxury!

Today, we did nothing! Literally, nothing. (You may start drooling now - Summer)
It was my turn to sleep in - I got up at 10:00am! How nice was that!! Then I ate breakfast, checked out some items I am watching on ebay (and I am not going to tell you what they are - b/c you all would laugh at me for hours) and then I ate lunch. I fingerpainted with the girls, then we went out in the backyard, I drank tea and read my new RealSimple magazine on the deck while they played. We made dinner, ate and then put a and b to bed at 7:00. AAhh. Then dh says - I guess this is what it would be like everyday if we were millionaires! Hum - yup.

Except - (Fuzzy, dream sequence here!) I would have slept until 10 when my stylist arrived to do my hair and make-up, then I would have just bought what I want in the skating pro-shop, my chef would have made my very healthy lunch, the maid would have cleaned up the paint when we were done fingerpainting. My personal trainer would have arrived and encouraged me to work out today. Then the chef would make a very healthy dinner and the maid would clean up the dishes. Humm, now that would be the life, I think! (End fuzzy dream sequence now!)

So, tomorrow, (Summer, start drooling again) make breakfast, start the dinner in the crockpot (soup or something), the roof guy comes at 10:00 am to fix the leak - so no gym, make lunch, some fun art thing or puzzle-time for the girls, naptime, blog, snack when the girls wake up, gym maybe?? Then dinner, tutor until 8:00, then plop on the couch with dh. WOW, I think I just did fall asleep planning tomorrow. BUT Tuesday will be fun - back to the rink and my skates should be here!!! YEAH!! I hope that you all have a good Monday!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hello Ladies!

Well, I finally got off my butt this morning and went for my long run! I ran 5.5 miles - which is good since I have a 10k in two weeks! Yikes! I really like to do about 9 miles during the week (3 at a time so that I have time for swimming and stuff) but since I started ice skating my legs haven't been able to take it! But it sure felt good and it was nice enough to run outside again! Gotta love GA for its weather!!

I thought of someone else to tell about our blogs . . . how about Khara?? I don't know if she blogs or not, but I have really fallen out of touch with her this last fall?! :( I still can't remember zim zim's married name and it bugging me!! But it will pop into my head when I least expect it!!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

i had to use the old computer but . . .

A and B

Posing B

"Look at me A"


hi everyone, i had to use the old laptop and the typing is horrible! But I took some pics for you all! They are a little grainy because i used the camcorder!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Just a quick post this morning - I am up and showered before the girls and thought I would check in with everyone!! I am going, no, I let you guess, where am I going today, yup, the rink!! I don't have my new skates yet, but I can use rentals for a little bit longer! I went to my twins club meeting last night and met a whole group of women our age that skate, compete and have coaches. One of them is a 'pair' skater! That is how she met her husband - adult skating!! I always wondered why she looked so skinny and small. I think if I suggested to DH he lift me up over his head, he would get a hernia, just thinking about it!

Well, Baby B just walked in, so I quess I'd better go, and get better screen names for them . . . any suggestions??

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Well, when I read Skettie's blog, I thought, hum, Mish . . . so I googled her. We could all bombard her work email with the blog idea?? www.gatheringonline.org (This is the site where you can find her email - I didn't just want to write it on here!) I think this is where she still is - right?? Who else should I google??

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Preschool insanity

I got the girls in the preschool class I wanted for next year!! YEAH! I was at the school at 5:00AM and there were already 13 people there in front of us! By 7:00 there were 108 names on the list! CRAZY!! You would think that the school was raising 'little einsteins' but it is just a well run school with good teachers and a good director! My friend Natalie and I sat in her car and watched "Must Love Dogs" on her dvd player. We had coffee and breakfast - I have to admit it was an okay way to spend the morning - if you have to be out waiting at 5:00 AM. Now, there was a list of names, and they make you get in the order of the list when it is time for registration at 9:00. It was raining and people stayed outside, standing in the rain, even though they had already signed up on the list . . . they just seemed a little dumb. But we just watched them, from inside the dry car, and made fun of them. It was insane. And then, they found out at 8:00 that the church doors had been open the entire time!! Hehe, it was just too funny.

I went to another in-home party last night. My neighbor had a Spa night with some type of product. But I must say it really was the best in-home party that I have been to - because we had facials, she had aromatherapy burning and a spa-music CD. But oh-man was that stuff expensive!! It was unreal! I did buy a mint mask cream that you keep in the fridge for morning puffy eyes! (Which sometimes I wake up and my eyelids are so swollen I look like a Rocky after the last fight scene in Rocky 1.) So, we will see if it will work or if A and B are scared of me in my mint - green mask in the morning!!

I really enjoyed reading everyone's answers to my last blog!! It was so fun walking down memory lane . . . ahh, especially college. Well, Hokies, I hope that you all have a good evening - I am looking forward to going to bed, at say, um, 8:00 pm.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Tag! This time more personal than donuts!

TAG your IT!

Where were you:

10 years ago: I was at Virginia Tech, sophmore year, Lee Hall Dorm with Kel across the hall, dating my dh, totally ignoring the fact that I really had no responsiblity and could sleep whenever I wanted to, for as long as I wanted to!

5 years ago: I had been married for 6 months, teaching at The Howard School, and looking for a house to buy! (Still able to sleep throught the night without little girls waking me to tell me they have to go potty!)

3 years ago: I don't remember a thing, the girls were just a little over 2 months old. I was sleep deprived, tired, and covered in spit-up and poop.

1 year ago: The girls were 2, diapers, playgroups, no cable tv, dial-up internet, no blog, gosh I must have been really bored!

yesterday: DH finished installing the DSL, and wireless thing, went ice skating, tutored a little boy from the Ukraine about the Spanish settlers in St.Augustine Fl, watched the OC and it was okay, went to bed only to be awakened at 3:00 AM by B who wanted to tell me that she had to go potty!

today: LAZY! I took the girls to get their haircut (they look really cute) went to our favorite toy store that is going out of business and then went to the library with the girls. A fell and hit her head on the floor. And as usual when she cries hard she doesn't breathe, so she turned blue and passed out. I am used to this, but the other people around looked a little shocked that she was blue and unconscious! But she came around and ran off to find smome new books! (The doctor told us it was a normal thing, well, only like 1 out 100 kids actually pass out and we always like to do things the hard way - so they both pass out when they cry hard. But it does stop the crying, hehe!)

tomorrow: 5AM I will be getting into line to sign the girls up for Preschool. Yes, there is a crazy line, but I want the t, th, fri class and there are only 3 of them! And I need the girls to be split up again, so I really need to be there in time to get into 2 different classes! Yikes! I will be bringing the coffee and my laptop so that I can watch a movie. Hum, what movie would be good at 5:00 AM on a Saturday???? Then I have a tennis match at 1:00! I hope to win b/c I am getting tired of getting my butt whipped by old women!

5 snacks i enjoy: Organic Fruit Leather (don't knock it until you try it,) anything with chocolate, Cheese-its, popcorn, hummus

5 songs i know all the words to: Hakuna Matata, Love Shack by the B-52's,Power of Two by the indigo girls; Several tv theme songs, and The Wheels on the bus

5 things i would do with $100,000,00.00: Give all my readers $1,000,000, travel, furnish my house with real furniture, actually buy a house with a basement, hire an ice skating coach!

5 locations i'd like to run away to: Bermuda, Scotland, Anywhere I could ski, Blacksburg, Disney World

5 bad habits i have: eating food i know is bad for me, putting off doing the dishes until just before DH gets home, not doing laundry until I am down to my last pair of undies, not bathing the girls everyday - and sometimes forgetting to bathe them on the second day, and once I wake up at night - I am AWAKE - and it is really annoying! (This actually makes me sound like a really dirty person - but I shower everyday and only wear clean underwear)

5 things i like doing:) ICE SKATING, running, playing tennis, reading and blogging

5 things i would never wear: fur anything, bikini, daisy duke short shorts, t-shirts you'd see worn at a state fair (ie., i'm with stupid --->) and the good old banana clip

5 t.v. shows i like:Lost, Alias, the OC, Trading Spaces and ER

5 movies i like: Goonies, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Sweet Home Alabama, How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, Hitch

5 biggest joys at the moment: My dh, my kids, my friends, my dog, and Ice Skating

5 favorite toys: Barbie, my laptop, my mp3 player, the ice skates that I will get next week, my running shoes

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I bought new skates today!! YEAH! Well, I ordered them because they just don't keep that many of them in stock!! So in 7 - 10 days from now, I will be the proud owner of Reidell Silver Medallion Ice Skates!! So I spent all my Christmas money, my tutoring money and my mom is sending me the rest. She insisted that I only get good skates b/c she said she doesn't want me to have any foot problems or injuries related to cheap skates! (I love my mom!!) Yippee!!

But I learned that I can burn @600 calories ice skating for 90 minutes!! I am psyched!! That time on the rink is more than just amazing fun - I am burning tons at the same time!! Who said exercise had to be torture - you just have to find the right one!! When I was running at the gym this morning, it was hard, because I was watching the display. I need to run outside, skate at the rink and all the extra pounds that I still have to lose will melt away like an ice in the summer!! I am pretty excited - again - if you can't tell!
So . . . my resolution for the year is to get all of you doing something new, that you never thought you would do and love doing it!! And Annette my old skating coach is at an Ice Rink in Plano!!!! I think you might need to go visit her!! Summer - Valdosta/Alpharetta - not too far!! And Kelli - I think you doing Gymnastics with the Ukranian in VA sounds like a plan!
Anyway, need to go wipe a bum . . .

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My Answers, DUH!

Hi everyone, duh, I forgot to answer, (Thanks Kel!)

1. What goes best with a donut?
o Milk
o Muffins, bacon, eggs, toast... mmmmo Irish coffee
o A mint chocolate chip iced coffee drink
o You've been asking yourself that for a while now
o Your normal coffee - two sugars and cream (Large Coffee, nonfat milk and 2 splendas)

2. What's better? Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme?
o Doesn't matter - whatever's closest to you
o You'll have both, thanks!
o You prefer an indie donut shop
o Krispy Kreme, especially when they're hot
o Dunkin Donuts, no question about it
o Depends on what you're getting

3.If you were a donut, what would you be filled with?
oCherry flavored jelly
o Apple filling
o Caramel
o Gooey dough
o Chocolate
o Cream (Boston Cream)

4.When you get up in the morning, you're most likely to say "Time to make the ..."
o Coffee
o Bacon
o Alarm clock stop ringing (I'm with Summer - "GO BACK TO BED GIRLS!!"
o Pancakes
o Cappuccino
o Donuts

5. How many donuts do you eat in one sitting? (be honest!)
o 1
o 3
o You lose count
o Enough to get a sugar high
o 6

So to get us back on track I researched donuts . . . maybe not as bad as we thought . . .
Dunkin Donuts . . . Jelly Filled: 210 Calories 8 Grams of Fat
Boston Kreme 240 Calories 9 Grams of Fat

Krispy Kreme . . . Original Glaze 200 Calories 12 Grams of Fat

SO . . . I can burn about 200 calories jogging for 20 minutes, so next time I am on the treadmill and I am only at 150 . . . I will have to keep going! But since I always end up eating 2 (usually a jelly filled and a Boston Kreme) that would be a total of 450 calories or about 4 miles!! OH MY GOSH - that is CRAZY!! NO MORE DONUTS!!

And I went ice skating again today!! LOVE IT!! I am buying boots and my mom has turned back into that 'Skating Mom' again. Pretty soon, she will be hiring me a choreographer and a costume designer. I AM NOT JOKING!! BUT I LOVE IT!! WHAT FUN!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

In Honor of Sitting on the Couch Today . . .

After Annette reminded me that it was Martin Luther King Day - I remembered that the YMCA was closed. So after a few hours of shopping I am now sitting on the couch. In honor of the couch potato mentality of the day I wanted to talk about food! I thought you might like a quick poll about donuts . . . I didn't know how to make a poll so . . . just post your answers on your blogs!!

1. What goes best with a donut?
o Milk
o Muffins, bacon, eggs, toast... mmmm
o Irish coffee
o A mint chocolate chip iced coffee drink
o You've been asking yourself that for a while now
o Your normal coffee - two sugars and cream

2. What's better? Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme?
o Doesn't matter - whatever's closest to you
o You'll have both, thanks!
o You prefer an indie donut shop
o Krispy Kreme, especially when they're hot
o Dunkin Donuts, no question about it
o Depends on what you're getting

3.If you were a donut, what would you be filled with?
oCherry flavored jelly
o Apple filling
o Caramel
o Gooey dough
o Chocolate
o Cream

4.When you get up in the morning, you're most likely to say "Time to make the ..."
o Coffee
o Bacon
o Alarm clock stop ringing
o Pancakes
o Cappuccino
o Donuts

5. How many donuts do you eat in one sitting? (be honest!)
o 1
o 3
o You lose count
o Enough to get a sugar high
o 2
o 6

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Muscle Pain . . . What's that?

Oh, well, I might have to ease myself into my new ice skating career. Let's just say I can feel every muscle in my legs from my hips to my knees and there are MANY of them. But I am still psyched to go back next Thursday and work them out again. I just might stretch out b4 I skate though to avoid the waddle walk that I have had yesterday and today. I have a tennis match in a couple of hours and I think that is going to be, um, quite strange looking. I really can't move sideways - so use your imagination! Me waddling after a ball, and then trying to get back to the middle of the court before they hit it back to me again. Oh, it really hurts just thinking about it!
So I just stretched out a little and baby A joined me. They stretch in gymnastics class so she she was sitting like a butterfly, then in a v, and then putting her arms over her head and reaching her toes. It was so cute! Baby B could have cared less, she was running around with her little pink car trying to drive around us. Can you tell how different they are - even though its hard to tell them apart sometimes?? Amazing!
Have a great weekend, I am off to wobble on the tennis court!

Thursday, January 12, 2006


OH MY GOSH, I had SOOOOOOO much fun today ice skating!! It was amazing, fun and I worked out my glutes and thigh muscles like you wouldn't believe!! No broken bones, in fact, no falls!! It was great! I can still go forwards, turn, go backwards and spin on two feet!! But what was even better than that was the free skate was full of women my age that were taking lessons! They actually compete!! Wouldn't that be the most hilarious thing ever?? Fun little skating outfit, cute skates! I am serious!! So I asked one of the skaters about the lessons, she said they have group beginner and then private lessons. They all wear their MP3 players on their arms to practice their routines! I had to laugh at that!!
So I called Dh and told him that I wanted to take lessons and relive the glory days of my youth. Dh said, sure you can take lessons if you can make money competing! HAHA, but it was a great workout and I am so going back next week just to play around.
And there was a little 4 year old girl taking lessons and she was too cute for words, I think A and B would love it too!!
Anyway, it just goes to show that we should try things that are fun and off-the-wall! You just never know how much fun you could have!!
Oh and then I just read an article read by a gymnastics instructor about the benefits of adult gymnastics classes - oh - yeah - who is ready for a floor routine? Anyone? Anyone?
Can you tell how psyched I am today!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Hi Everyone, it was so nice here today - I think it must be April!! As I did on Monday, I ran outside again today!! There is just no comparison between running outside and on the treadmill! When I run on the treadmill it is frustrating becuase although you watch the miles add up - you literally get nowhere! But the when I am on the trail outside the Y - I get to one road, then another, a bridge and then I can turn around! Amazing feeling really! My next 10k is Feb.11th and I know that I'll be ready. I will have a snail pace but the course is flat and runs along the river - so it will be nice. Who is coming to the ATL to run the Peachtree 10k in July???????? (Summer - you have a valid excuse!! No running for you, but I did hear about a woman that ran a marathon (26 miles) when she was 8 months pregnant - whaddya think about that!!)

Skettie - tonight - LOST at 9:00!! I think the one at 8:00 will be stupid b/c I've watched all those episodes already. Gray's Anatomy did a show like that on Sunday and I feel so gipped (sp?) because that is not a new show, technically. But I am glad for the sweeps coming up because it means all new episodes!!!!!!!!!

Kel - I have been wanting to read Wicked for awhile - and I am flattered that you think that I am the wicked witch - only you know that I can be intimidating!! HEHE

So, thats it for today, my tutoree is coming at 7:30 for some math homework! Not my favorite subject but since I want to redo the downstairs bathroom - the money is not a bad thing!! OH AND I am going ICE SKATING tomorrow!! I can't wait. Should we start a poll to see which bone I will break?? Arm, Leg, or Butt Bone?? A and B will be at school and the moms are going for coffee and ice skating!! TOO COOL!! I am psyched!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Okay, we have to take down the VT flag from our house now. If I get one more comment about Marcus Vick - I am going to brandish a weapon! I have to say I agree with most of the comments - except the comment that VT athletes are thugs. Um . . . I disagree. I had classes with many of the football players, as my readers did too, and I know they were regular guys. So times may have changed, but MV2 really is giving VT a bad name this week. Ah, the drama.

A and B went back to school today!! YEAH! They had a great time and are now napping like zombies! B's teacher asked if I would be sending them 2 or 3 days next year. I have until the 21st to decide. I would love 3 days and but it will cost us more and stretch the budget again. So do you think that educationally it might be detrimental to go from 2 days a week to 5 in pre-k the next year?? ( I want to do pre-k the next year b/c if we do it through the school system it is free!) Or is this the dumbest thing I have ever blogged about because in the scheme of life - did it effect any of us? I mean do you remeber preschool? All I remember is jumping in jello . . . was that educational?? Aagh. Preschool is fun to go to or should kids just be kids here with me? They always have each other to play with - so I don't really have to worry about socialization - but then I do b/c I don't want them to be those 'wierd twins' at school that only talk to each other. Aagh. Now I am rambling and you all are being subjected to my thought process. (Which is boring me too!) Anyway, any ideas would be welcome.
Smile - Goose is smiling at me, quess he wants to go out! And with that breath - I am ready to let him out!! Hey, Annette, do cats have bad breath like dogs??

Monday, January 09, 2006

Good Morning!

Since I have then new laptop - it takes no time at all to write a new post!! So I thought that since I was online I would just write a quick hello!! I am sitting here in my gym clothes and I am ready to go to the Y. The girls are eating as slowly as possible. Well, they always eat slowly! We went to Moe's Mexican Grill for dinner the other night and they ate a small cheese quesadilla for almost an hour! It was so tedious! But they were sitting there chewing and not fooling around too much - but I just wanted to chew it up for them and spoon feed them! Dinner was literally 1/4 of the time when I was feeding them! And you would think that by now the girls would have eating down and they do, but, they just are slllloooooowwwww. Even their teachers have mentioned how the girls would be happy to take an hour for lunch everyday. B's teacher said she was the slowest eater, but the best eater, in the class. Anyway, they are still eating and I am still typing . . . I think the Jeopardy music would be appropriate here . . . Well, I know that you really don't want to wait here with me so I will go and read everyone else's blog!! Have a great day!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

And so the era of the Vick brothers comes to an end . . .

Go Virginia Tech President Steger! I am so surprised that in the battle of morals vs. money - Morals won yesterday. Marcus Vick kicked off the hokies?? WOW. Down here in the ATL we only hear about his big brother so we had no clue (except for Kel's blog) about the mess brewing in B-burg. We assumed that Vick got away with the nasty foot stomp and since there was no foul that it didn't 'happen.' But in the world of college football - releasing a big name player really surprises me. I have no words - so we will see what happens to the Hokies team. I know that Beamer has to have ideas about what to do if this happens. We will be waiting to see who warms up at the spring scrimage - so Kel, save the date - we want a first hand account of the scrimage!!

Today is dh's 30th birthday! We went last night to a swanky dessert place last night. (Our sitter came over - and there were no fireworks!) We had the most fantastic cheesecakes and I know that I need to get up off the couch now and go do my Saturday long run. But I feel like I have 'cheesecake' belly - and those miles - don't look so fun this morning . . .
But I could take the girls to the Y b/c they have childcare . . . Fine, I'm going . . . really, really.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

NA,NA, NANANA heyhey, Goodbye

Well, last night was the last night of college football game until next season. AND wow, I hope that you guys checked out the Rose Bowl last night because it was one of the best football games I have ever seen!! I have to admit - even as a die-hard Hokie fan- there is no way that the Hokies have played even 1/2 as good as those guys last night.
We watched the game until about 11:00 and then dh and I were really tired - so we went upstairs to watch it from bed. Ten minutes later dh was asleep and I was sitting up screaming "HOOK - UM HORNS!" Their quarterback Vince Young was amazing!! I don't think Micheal Vick could touch him - Vince rushed for 200 yards, threw for @200, no sacks, only 1 interceptions and led his team to 8 touchdowns. He ran in several of their touchdowns and his offensive line would have given me enough time to throw the ball! Anyway, it was a great game - and I have a new favorite quaterback! So Texas is the National Champ - I think the final score was 41-38.

So, I can't wait for next Tuesday. Why? The girls go back to Mothers Morning Out. The schools are closed this week and I miss 'my' time!! I got a couple of gift cards for Christmas and I just want to go and shop in quiet and have the dressing room all to myself!! Ahh, and for the TMI game - go to the bathroom without my little toilet paper 'helpers.'

Cute story for the day: Girl A wants to know when Baby Jesus can come over. She said, "We have party for baby jesus, when he come to my house?" Then I explained that he is always here with us and that really freaked them out! They got up to look for him in Nana and Papa's 'room.' OOPS!! I explained a little more, and they seemed to understand. But, Smile, because GOD is in your house!! k out

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

College Football

Did any of you watch the orange bowl last night? I did - and it went into 3 overtimes!! Thankfully, Penn State beat FSU!! I so wanted FSU to go down in horrible flames because that was supposed to be the Hokies bowl - but they lost in an honorable fashion. However, they did talk about the old coaches and how Bobby Bowden wanted his team to in first at halftime so that he could pee!! Hehe.

Well, I don't have too much to post today, but I love typing on my new laptop so much - I can't help it!! The spacebar works as do the letters c, e and d. They needed to be pushed several times before on the old laptop - so typing was annoying!! Now, it is quick and awesome!! Well, thats all the rambling for today! Smile - it is 65 degrees here today!!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

and the drama continues . . .

Hi Everyone! So to finish of the Drama story . . .

The Grouch never called back, so my dh was just stewing and churning over what he wanted to say to the man. Finally, dh walked over and saw that the cars were there! And he rang the doorbell.
dh "Hi Grouch, I just wanted to talk to you about what happened the other night at our house"
gr "Yes, I got your message, I assumed you were coming over to apologize for Karen yelling at us."
dh "No, I came over because, you scared my children and the babysitter when you pounded on the door for three minutes."
gr "I did not"
dh "Well, when we got home our babysitter told us how she asked you all to stop the fireworks and then you came over and pounded on the door and she felt threatened."
gr "I knocked."
dh "She described it as pounding"
gr "Well, I started softly and then nobody answered and then I rang the doorbell."
dh "How many times?"
gr "A couple or so."
dh "Well, you scared my family and the babysitter - so I think you need to apologize to my sitter."
gr "I don't think so, i went over with the intention of apologizing for the fireworks - in my heart of hearts, I was doing the right thing."
dh "You don't understand, you scared the babysitter, a 16 year girl was terrified by the pounding on the door."
gr "If it makes you feel better (dh) I'll come over - is she at your house now?
dh "No, she is next door."
gr "OH, well I am not apologizing to her. No way, that whole family is crazy, the mother is the worst teacher and the kids are loud. And when she was yelling at us she dropped the f-bomb. So no way."
dh "It doesn't matter who it was sitting - you owe them an apology."
gr "I am not doing it (this is the part where he badmouthed the family for the next 10 minutes using bad language with his kids right there) and she is just crazy. You listen to the sitter and her mother and you think that is the whole story."
dh "No, my wife talked to the neighbors hosting the party, they told us what happened too and it matched the sitters story. If she is so crazy can you give me some examples of things she has done?"
gr "Well, (then he goes on about the family - generalizations no examples)
dh "Okay, you need to apologize, no matter who it is."
gr "Well, for the icing on the cake to this matter I will."
dh "Thank you."

End of conversation. DH was shaken up - he said that he might have been a little mad but that the grouch was just going around and around in circles. Dh couldn't believe how grouch's story and tone changed the minute he heard who the sitter was. I mean he claimed that she cursed at him - but when he thought it was me - that was not part of the story. So, the sitter still has not gotten her apology and her 'crazy' mother is just waiting until she sees him to give her opinion about his behavior. Oh, we live on, like, High School Wisteria Lane!!

Have a great day, I had to start another blog for the twin sale - so check it out - I made it under another name b/c I like just having my two readers here and crazy club memebers somewhere else~!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Drama, Drama, Drama

Year day 2 - Rain
Yes folks, it is 65 degrees and stormy today. I really can't believe it is January- this is more like April!!

I did feel better on New Year's Eve and my dh and i went out with our friends. We had a fun dinner and rang in the New Year with noisemakers and champagne. Very typical evening. But then we came home and our babysitter was wild eyed and shaky. She apologized to me saying that the girls had just gone back upstairs to bed. I told her that was fine, and then she told me about the night.
8:00 - A and B went to bed without problems
12:00 - the drunk neighbors started shooting off fireworks
12:01 - A and B wake up scared and crying - Goose is cowering between babysitters legs
12:05 - Babysitter yells out the door for the neighbors to stop the fireworks b/c the girls are scared (I think the picture here in your mind should be a wild woman, with long dark hair, taller than dh, screaming like a teenager mad at her parents)
12:07 - They stopped the fireworks b/c the lawn across the street catches on fire ( small fire.) Then the Neighborhood grouch begins banging on our door and repeatedly ringing the doorbell, girls are still crying, Goose is still cowering. Babysitter scared.
12:09 - Guy still banging on the door, babysitter calls mom and asks if she should call 911, b/c she is too scared to answer the door (don't blame her.) Now, her mom knows the grouch and told her to wait, finally the guy leaves and sitter puts on cartoons and gives the girls some juice.
12:20 - Apparently A and B tell the sitter, "We okay now!" and run upstairs and back to bed.
12:45 - We get home and she tells us this story
12:50 - I take her home (next door) and then walk down to the house where I see that the neighborhood party is still going.

So I got the story from one relatively sober neighbor who apologized for scaring the girls. He said they stopped the fireworks as soon as I yelled at them. What? I yelled? I said no, that wasn't me, I am not 6'2 with long hair. And don't you think I might have walked outside and talked with them like an adult?? Anyway, I asked where the grouch was, since he was really the one I wanted to see. But he had gone home and the lights were out. When I got home DH was pretty mad about a grown man banging on the door after midnight and scaring his kids and the sitter. And he plans to go over first thing in the morning and talk to him.

Later that morning 8:30AM: the cars in Grouchland are gone. Dh worked in garage and driveway almost all day lying in wait for grouch. I think dh was establishing his territory. It was really cute. But in the end, about 6:00 pm he called and left a message for the man to call back regarding the incident with our babysitter. (I wonder what his wife will think??)

So what a start to the New Year. I think dh just wants the man to apologize to our sitter. I mean who pounds on the door in the middle of the night. Even if we had been home - we don't have to answer the door. He should have knocked a couple of times and left (the babysitters mom told us she could hear him banging on the door over the phone - so it was loud.) And we would like to talk with him before we resort to, oh, say, toilet papering his house! (Just kidding, kinda.)

Happy New Year!! I resolve to eat healthy, continue running, and when that doesn't work don't worry because life is too short and too precious to spend it worrying about negatives when there is so much good in my life to thank GOD for! Love ya' all!!