Thursday, July 20, 2006

Just a typing away . . .

Hi Ladies, I know I haven't posted in a while, and MC Hammer was getting old. Would you believe that even though I haven't blogged I have been on the computer for hours a day. Getting the new site for my twins club up and running has been a real challenge. I forget how people can really be resistant to change and honestly, how lazy this makes them seem. Moving around so much as a kid I think made me a really flexible person or maybe it just made me aware that sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

Anyway,I took the girls skating today and Vacation Bible School shows up with 120 kids. OH MY GOODness was the rink full of kids with blades on their feet. What was really sad was that the counselors didn't take the time to help the kids with their skates and so half the kids had their skates half way done. It was crazy. But the kids were in shorts and t-shirts and before too long half of them were hanging out in the foyer trying to get warm.

A and B loved it! They really do a pretty good job of walking on the ice - and they thought my sitspin was good. They clapped for me. Then I felt really silly - but they were so cute skating out there. So many of the coaches came over to talk to me, I felt like a celebrity or maybe just a big fat wallet of cash!! Too bad, I have a coach and I think she would do a really good job with the girls if I decide to get them into lessons at some point.

It is now hot in GA! Kelli said it was hot in VA and I spoke too soon, b/c today it has soared up to a pretty warm 97 degrees. A and B said they wanted to go back into the ice house b/c it was cooler there. I agreed!! Maybe we will go to the pool this afternoon for a little melted-water fun!!

My poor dh has been working like a fool for the last couple of days fixing somebody else's problem. Last night he didn't get home until midnight - which was okay b/c I was still on the phone with club members - but my goodness, I am such a slacker there is just no way I could stay at work for that long. At least I had, SO You Think You can Dance on the tv and a comfortable couch to sit on while I dealt with my new 'work.' Anyway, I was just typing while I put the girls down for a much needed nap and they are away in dreamland. So have a wonderful and hot afternoon!! Love ya' all!! K

Friday, July 14, 2006


too funny - bad pants!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I used the ALARM CLOCK today!

Wow, it is 6:30 in the morning and I am up and AWAKE! Why?? Because my friends' son is having his tonsils removed today and I am babysitting her other two kids. When she asked if I could do this for her she told me his surgery was scheduled at 9:00 so I thought sure, no problem. But when she called to double check yesterday she was like, "well, he needs to be there at 7:00 for pre-op." Hum, that might have been something you could have told me and they could have come the night before. So here I am, up and awake, waiting. But I had to set my alarm clock to get up with otherwise, when she rang my doorbell I might have ignored it. (Although Goose would not have!)

Nothing new today yet. Surprise. We do have a family of deer living in our backyard and I saw the baby fawn yesterday. And we also have a family of chipmunks too and they are so cute scampering around the yard. But they do drive my dog Goose nuts!! AND we have owls. Yup, every evening and morning we hear them, hoo-hooing away. (Is that what you call it?) Yesterday Baby A actually asked what the sound was and then she was totally psyched that she had heard an owl. Too bad she has been hearing that sound for like, hum 3 1/2 years but just asked about it yesterday. Go Figure. So that is the report from the GA animal preserve. (Our property borders a 3 acre county easement and I am so sad that animals have to squeeze in there to live :( but I quess it is better than having no where to live!)

What else can I talk about this early in the morning?? I do feel motivated today. Too bad I will be stuck here in the house all day. I think I might clean up the guest room since I have dumped everything in there from our trip. Laundry folding might also be an idea since I washed it all but left in in the baskets. (It is organized by color right and it looks pretty.) I cleaned the kitchen and downstairs yesterday because I knew that I would be expecting company today. Keeping up the appearances you know.

And I did watch SO you think you can dance last night, and it was really good. Baby B was still up and watched the first group dance. She sat there wide-eyed and said "Wow they are good!" It was too cute! Maybe I should put her in dance lessons!!

Okay, the kids are all up now - gotta go and be a responsible adult. Yikes. K OUT

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Need Coffee??

We are setting up an online bulletin board for my twins club - and so far there are 3 posters - I need interesting topics to pull our lurkers out of the shadows - Any ideas?? It is beginning to feel like my new blog!!

I hope that you are all having a good day! I am being LAZY - and enjoying it today! The girls keep asking when we are going out though - so I quess we will have to find something to do!!

And someone suggested to me that coffee grounds would help get rid of the smell in my fridge so I just finished brewing pot #1!! GOOD OLE' CAFFEINE! Anybody wanna come over?? I am planning on making 4 pots today!! I might not feel so lazy after that - you think??!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Well, I know that it is 3:20 in the afternoon and I am just now putting the girls down for a nap and I will regret this at 8:00 tonight when they won't go to bed. But they are still so tired from our trip that they cannot make it through the day without a meltdown right about now! It is so frustrating. Normally they are good humored kids - but ever since school got out in May - they really have been working on their whining skills. They will be able to go back to school in the fall and when the teacher asks them what they did this summer they could say - we learned how to whine. It drives me nuts! And I am tired too. I skated today and it took everything out of me. My coach was pushing me, I was sweating like a pig and then when we were done - and I am supposed to review on my own - I felt so out of shape. Gosh, 4 weeks without really working out and I am back to couch potato status. It stinks.

Complain, complain, complain . . . yikes that is all I am doing. So I am turning this post around . . . Things I am thankful for . . .

1. My dh who puts up with me when I whine
2. My children who make me smile everyday (between the whining)
3. My friends that listen to me whine

just kidding - maybe the girls are whining because I am . . . oh, it is one of 'things that make you go hum' moments . . . so if I am postive - the girls will be too?? Well I will try that tonight after their nap!! Wierd post I know - I am a little punchy!!

And I did love the video that Kelli put on my blog. At first I was like 'we made a video?' But it was totally like us - and is something that we just might have done or might do someday!! It really made me laugh!! Thanks Kelli!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Home Again, Home Again

Well, we got home from our marathon of family visits in Virginia yesterday. We drove into the garage and it smelled foul. DH says, 'whoops, I guess I forgot to empty the trashcan' (the one we keep in the garage.) Meanwhile, I am getting the kids out of their carseats and dh says, "Karen, you'd better not come in here. It REALLY smells becuase the refrigerator broke while we were gone."

OH MY GOSH - I WAS IN THE DRIVEWAY AND I COULD SMELL IT! It was/is the worst smelling thing in the world. Now, I can brag about changing poopy diapers and catching vomit in my bare hands BUT I COULD NOT GO INTO THE HOUSE!! So dh emptied out the fridge and freezer contents - the costco sized bag-o-chicken nuggets, the costco sized bag-o-chicken breasts, the costco sized bag of lean chicken burritos, the costco bag sized vegetables, the frozen whole chicken fryers from costco, the frozen meals and realized that the costco -size pack of frozen orange juice in the freezer had melted and dripped down the back of the fridge - left a trail - and was moldy.

I didn't take any pictures because one hand was always busy holding my nose shut. HOLY COW - (actually it did smell like a cow had died in here) it still smells.

Anyway the repair guy just left. He found the problem and fixed it for now, he says that the part he replaced breaks frequently and the replacement usually works 90% of the time. If it doesn't fix the problem, he refunds us for the part - and we have to buy a new fridge. Trust me, as much as I don't want to spend $1500 if the smell doesn't go away, working or not, we might just have to do it! PUKE!

And if you remember I have a pretty bad gag reflex, which makes this whole situation just the worst thing - but PRAISE GOD that dh has a really bad sense of smell and did all the dirty work.

The Repair guy did say to spray it down with bleach cleaner and of course we only had like an inch of it left in the bottle. So I am off to the grocery store to buy cleaner so that I can go back later and buy groceries!

And we did have a great trip! We had a fantastic time with Kelli and her family. A and B talked about Bees and Munchkin the rest of the trip and wanted to know if we could go back there to play!! We came home with their new fall wardrobe and some fancy new Grandparent-gift toys - so I really can't complain too much!! And if you are ever in Richmond and you need kids clothes - there is a CWD outlet that has boutique clothes from last season 60 - 80% off - amazing!! MIL went crazy - and we will have the best dressed kids in preschool in the fall!!! Love IT!

Now, I have to read my 200+ emails and catch up on all of your lives!! I hope that everyone is doing well - As soon as I can breathe freely in my house without gagging I will update again!! K OUT