Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Hokies Ulcer . . .

was acting up again last night! Did you watch the game? Virginia Tech was cruising along and then . . . the second half came. They let Nebraska score and get 1st downs, it was was too stressful! In the end the Hokies did win, if you wanted to know, but c'mon guys, no more 2nd half scares. Seriously. Dh and I can't take it.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just to embarrass myself!

A Long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I went to Space Academy in Huntsville Alabama. It was fun and the pictures are totally embarrassing now. But I found Space Camp the movie at the store the other day and bought it for the girls. They loved it. So I brought out my Space Camp album and showed them the pics. When I showed them this pic, they really thought that I had gone into space! It was so cute and kind of flattering! But then I thought, why not embarrass myself and put these pics up here for the world to see.

So here is a pic of me the night before I left. My mom made me a rocket cake . . . and don't you just love the vest! I was stylin'

This is my friend Kathy! (Sorry, Kathy, I just had to put these up here too, b/c it would have been any fun without you!) Oh, we look so young!!
This was our room in Huntsville. And Kathy modeling our fun 'jump' suits!
This is me, modeling the suit when I got home. I really wonder where it went??? But I thought it made me look fat. Oh, what I would tell myself now if I could back in time . . .

And now for the fun part . . . I wonder what ever happened to the people that I have all these pictures of?? I guess when you are in middle school, you take pictures of people and not of the things that you are doing!! My album is full of people I don't even remember there names!! But these were the 'Space Couples!'

Okay, so I went with a girl scout group! But I loved being a girl scout and I was one all the way into high school. I think it really was for the cookies!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh, Kathy . . . preview of things to come!!!

Okay, who is that?? Who would wear acid washed shorts??? And try to look cool all at the same time??? Don't worry there are many more pics to come!!

Friday, September 19, 2008


They would TOTALLY come back into fashion . . . . check out Katie Holmes' pant legs!!!!!

I am so pegging my pants at the bus stop today - I will be so in fashion!!!!! (Am I enjoying this too much??)

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Did you see the Virginia Tech game yesterday?? I am getting too old for the suspense - I am going to get an ulcer if the Hokies don't increase their winning margins. Both DH and I were screaming at the tv for the last few minutes of the game. The girls just wanted to know who was going to win and we kept saying, 'we don't know.' I shouldn't have to say that . . . I should be able to say, the Hokies b/c they are winning by 20! (I wish!)

So, it is good though that they won. Nothing like living in Georgia Tech territory . . . I guess I will be wearing VT wear to the bus stop tomorrow!!!

And very random musing here: Baby A and I went to a bunch of garage sales yesterday morning! There was a large neighborhood doing their annual 'neighborhood' sale. And oh, the traffic!! There were hundreds of people there. There were also about 100 garage sales. You know what we got, well, what A got?? A glass of lemonade. That is it! Out of all those garages, there was not one fun or good thing. But my little one was so excited that I had .50 so that she could buy a drink from some kids that had set up a stand. SO if you are going to have a garage sale, keep your kids busy selling lemonade. I think that family was going to make more off the lemonade then their stuff - the kids were cute and had handmade signs. And .50 cents for a dixie cup of lemonade?? They made a killing!! We did see another stand that had cookies too, but we were driving out.

And I need to find something other than baby A and baby B since they aren't babies anymore. . . any suggestions??

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A toadstool in the mint . . . and the beach!!

This is my picture of the day! I have a couple of mint plants outside my front door. And when I went to grab a leaf, I noticed a sneaky little toadstool hanging out. I thought it looked kinda neat!
And after we were sure that Tropical Storm Hanna was not going to hit Hilton Head, we packed up quickly and headed out to the beach!! It was great. The beach is such a wonderful place to be and it was fantastic getting to go there with my mom and Granny, if even for just a couple of days!! And remember, if you click on the pics they should get bigger!!!

Gem was FEARLESS!! She just kept going into the waves determined to be like her big sissies!
SO BIG!!!! We played hookie for the first time!!
My mom!! And one of her favorite pastimes - taking pics of the Grandkids!
My Granny!! She loves the sun and the beach!! I hope when I am in my 80's that I still love the beach as much as I do now!!
Daddy and Baby B!
She loved it!!
Posers!! Watch America's Next Top Model much??!
Granny and Baby A!
Yup, she knows she is cute!
Driving our traditional car!! My mom and A built this this year!! But we always have to have a car of some kind at the beach!
This is why you shouldn't use spray sunscreen on yourself!! Poor DH!!
I realized I had no pics of me at the beach . . . so I took this of myself yesterday!! I did get tan at the beach in addition to the burn on my back!
And just yesterday Gem looked too cute in this hat!! And she posted for a minute . . .
And then she gave me the wagging 'No' Finger! I guess she was done!!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Nothing to blog about . . .

Well,I had planned on blogging after Virginia Tech successfully started their season. But as we all know, that didn't happen. That quarterback . . . c'mon take the red shirt of Tyrod already. We know it is going to have to happen this season or we all know it should. Oh well, we shall see. . .

Nothing much going on around here. Just a broken washing machine! I mean who needs to do laundry?? Hopefully, the repair guy will be able to fix it on Wednesday. Otherwise, Wednesday night, I will be out at the store picking out a brand new, shiny, fancy washing machine.

And we are supposed to go to Hilton Head next weekend for a day or two, but that Hurricane Hanna might just be ruining the end of summer plans around here. Bummer. But maybe, it will turn and go after another coast!!

The girls still love Kindergarten. I got to eat lunch with them the other day. I thought the cafeteria was rather quiet for a 100 5 year olds, but we had the lights turned out on us and we received a reprimand for being too loud. Guess they have never eaten lunch with 7th and 8th graders . . . now that is loud!!! I used to dread lunchtime!

I have been watching a lot of tennis this last few days, since the US Open is going on. I was having Olympic withdrawals, so it is nice to still have some kind of sport to watch during the day!!

See, boring. I told you that I had nothing to blog about. But maybe, you find my boring life not so boring?? Or not!! K out.