Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wiggly Teeth . . .

The girls have wiggly teeth. We have not lost any yet, but my mom prepared the girls today by sending them these tooth pillows!! They loved them - they said the tooth fairy will be able to fit 'A LOT of money in those pockets!' Hum. I sure hope that tooth fairy starts saving her coins . . . well, how much does the tooth fairy bring nowadays?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Does it count as a vacation if you don't even open the book you brought??

We had a wonderfully exhausting time in Florida!! We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, which was beautiful!! It was so fantastic to see the animals right out the window at night and in the morning!I know I didn't take as many pics as I should, but Papa was snapping away with his camera too . . . so there will be more coming!! I learned a lot about traveling with 3 kids . . . and I need a vacation now.

The girls adored Disney and even though they were apprehensive about the characters, they did warm up to a few of them. And they fell in love with roller coasters!! They loved the kids roller coaster 'Barnstormer' and then even rode on the Tower of Terror at MGM!! Which totally surprised me!! And then they were indignant, that they were not tall enough for the new coaster at Animal Kingdom and the Aerosmith coaster at MGM. But never fear, I feel a trip to Six Flags might need to happen this summer!!

Here are a couple of pics, enjoy!!

In the car on the way!!

Waiting for the Bus to the Magic Kingdom . . . Finally, into the Magic Kingdom!!

Gem just couldn't keep her eyes open, in fact, I have several pictures of her sleeping . . .
The Dumbo line was terrible!! It was not that long, but they were training some new people and I don't know what they were doing, but it took over an hour to ride Dumbo!!

The girls really loved Tom Sawyer's Island. In fact they went over the barrel bridge about 6 times!!

In Santa's Sleigh . . . next year's Christmas pic already!
They rode the teacups about 3 times!!
On Tuesday, we had lunch at Cinderella's Table! It is INSIDE the castle - which I had never been in before! All the Princesses joined us and it was really fun!
With Princess Aurora!
After seeing all the other kids with their faces painted, the girls were so excited when we finally got to the face painting place!! When they told us not to touch the paint for 5 minutes, I thought for sure it would all be smudged! But surprisingly, they did a great job and the paint lasted all day!! In fact, they both still had colored eyebrows the next day!!

Nana, Papa and the girls after they had their faces painted!
After the long day 2 at the Magic Kingdom!! We stayed for the parade and fireworks . . . all the girls were asleep!!
In front of Epcot! The girls liked the Test Track ride - but we were all too tired to really go around all the countries!
At the Character Breakfast in the Animal Kingdom!! Gem liked Mickey, but not Donald, Daisy or Goofy. But she smiled at Mickey!!
Gem, waving to Daddy!
Waiting for Pizza!!
The last night at MGM (or wait, Hollywood Studios as it is called now!)

Oh, and here is one of me . . . of course, I took all these pics . . . so I am always behind the camera!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How many pics does it take . . .

We Remember.

Hello Hokie Friends! My whole family is wearing Hokie colors today - I will have to take a pic for you later this morning, after they all get dressed!!

And no, we haven't left for Disney yet, I have just been dealing with allergies! Poor Gem has had the worst eye gunk ever and if I sneeze one more time, my brains might just fall out! Anyway, I hope you all have a good day.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Who wants to do some web searching??

So we are all going to DISNEY WORLD!!We are going to be staying at the Animal Kingdom resort (maybe we will see Jon B??) I am so excited but I have to figure one thing out . . . The girls LOVE Mary Poppins and I know that I have seen her there before. So how in the world can you find out which characters are going to be there and when? I have tried to do a quick search, but was really frustrated. So, if anyone is in the know, please let me know!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I must be in a blogging mood . . .

What happens when you let the 10 month old feed herself the rest of her yogurt? I swear there was only a tiny amount left in the container, but she managed to make it look like it was full!! Gem got the yogurt EVERYWHERE!

But she redeemed herself by posing later for me!

And then she did even better when she took a nap this morning so I could finish a couple of projects!! Well, the butterfly dresses a made a couple of weeks ago and just did a couple of finishing touches. But I made her onesies into t-shirts and finished up a swing top for this summer!

And they modeled for me this afternoon!