Friday, May 23, 2008

Is this really what I should be doing now????

I know that there are a thousand different things that I should be doing right now (pack, pack, pack!!) But Gem woke up at 6:00 AM and I had some time to watch the So You Think You Can Dance that I TIVO'd last night. I LOVE THIS SHOW!! I am such a dance freak - I can't dance AT ALL and there is just something about this show that makes me want to run to a dance class and learn!! So all summer - I will be raving about how much I LOVE THIS SHOW!! I laughed so much I cried and now that the girls are downstairs with me - they want to watch it again!! I am so happy!! So watch it - and come to Atlanta for my So You Think You Can Dance Party each week!!!

Okay, I have to go do something productive!!!! Dancing my way back to my suitcase . . .

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I need a vacation!!

The girls went to a princess party last weekend! They had their make-up done, they wore princess dresses and played 'Pass the Glass Slipper Hot Potato' game. They had a blast!! And there is a picture of them with the birthday girl and another little girl that has an agent and her picture cannot be used for advertising, so please don't copy the picture! (lol)

A lost her first tooth! It fell out in the middle of the night and so the girls had to search for it in the morning. Let me just tell you, that A did not want anyone pulling her tooth out. The tooth was flopping around in there for days, hanging on by the most patient thread . . . but it finally let go!! The toothfairy came and left a gold dollar coin and some fairy dust!

We had Preschool Graduation!! The girls were excited, but I don't think they really understood how cute they really looked. The posed with their teachers and they also posed with their boyfriend. They are really going to miss him next year, or he is really going to them!!!! I will expect a call from him in a few years . . .

Gem knows I need a vacation too . . . she sees me drinking so much coffee she really wanted to know why I drink so much!! (Good thing it was the coffee drink - wink, wink!!!)

And so I need a vacation from all of this!! Good thing we are leaving for Scotland!! I am so excited to see all my family!! Although, a 7 hour plane ride, plus another 2 hour one doesn't seem relaxing, I hope we can get in a few hours of sleep in the next couple of weeks at some point!! So (Kelli) I won't be able to blog for a little while, but I will update with pics when we get back!! And sorry, I haven't cropped any of these . . . I just have to clean off my camera today before I pack it!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Kelli asked . . . and she shall recieve!!

Here is our update!! School is finished next week for the big girls. So this week we had field days and end of the year parties! I hope to get some good 'graduation' pics up for you next Thursday!

We had excellent weather so the girls enjoyed playing outside! They have a muddy spot called "The Restaurant" that they love to create in . . . and bring inside for us to sample. Reservations at "The Restaurant" are highly recommended as are the pies and cakes.

Gem is not quite walking yet, but she stands by herself! She likes to wake up at 3:00AM or 5:00AM - she can't decide when the day should start. So as you can imagine, you can call me very early in the AM and I will be available to talk to you!!!

DH is great!! He is enjoying his Tai Chi and his Wii. Haha - they kinda rhyme. But the girls enjoy the Wii too, in fact BabyA is the bowling champ - nobody here can beat her, she is all strikes and spares!

Me, I am a little stressed over packing for our next trip. But I am also super excited to see all my family!! I got my hair cut and I have long bangs!! I know, I don't have a picture and I can't take one today b/c I just let it go au natural! And it ain't pretty today!! I did go to the Spa last week for a mani/pedi and massage. It was soooo nice to get a pamper break, although my back was full of tension. It required a lot of work and the next day, I was relaxed but sore!! And let's see . . .I have a sitter so that I can skate next Tuesday, I can't wait!! Anybody want to come????

For mother's day the girls made me breakfast!! Yummy. At first the menu for the morning included Peanut Butter, Jelly and Sugar on bread. But luckily, I suggested Cinnamon Toast - so half a container of butter, a jar of cinnamon and a pound of sugar later - some delicious breakfast was served. DH made the all important coffee!!

As for the summer, we have this next trip coming up. And then we have to figure out when to come to VA! I ended up not putting the girls in any 'camp' except for Vacation Bible school in July b/c I figured we could skate and go to Virginia to fill in the rest of the time!! I might regret that the second week of June!! So if anyone wants to come visit (Kelli has to come b/c it is tradition now) we would love to have you!! Bring the kids, come to our pool, the aquarium, the city, the new CabbagePatch Kids hospital, ride the MARTA, ice skate, go shopping at IKEA, heck, leave the hubby working at home if you want too!!

Okay, is that good Kelli??? Oh and the dog is doing fine. He ate one of the girl's lunch boxes last week. So she has been taking brown bags instead of me buying her a new one, two weeks before school gets out!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


The girls went to a birthday party last weekend! It was a jumping place that had a rock wall - they LOVED climbing the wall!! B was like a little spider and a was a little more reluctant, but she tried her hardest!! And a bubble machine . . . it always amazes me how kids just LOVE to play in or with bubbles!! Even at 5, the girls still have pure joy when the bubbles come around!

Last weekend A brought home Carl the Camel from school. He spent the weekend with us and went to a birthday party, the park and a tennis match!

And Daddy with his new toy . . .