Thursday, March 29, 2007

Random Thought for the night . . .

Did you ever have that feeling, after dinner, when you walk back into the kitchen and want to throw all the plates and pans into the garbage instead of washing them?? I did tonight. Before I could even start doing the dishes, I had to empty the dishwasher that I ran last night. Then I had used two one pot for potatoes and one for the stuffed bell peppers plus the mixing bowl and one cookie sheet from yesterday. Then all the plates and cups, but minus dh's since he was not home from work yet.

But don't worry, even though the trash can looked like a really good option, I did wash the dishes. :)

(And we already had pizza on paper plates Monday!!)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Links b/c Idol was boring!!

American Idol Update!

I finally feel really pregnant! This Atlanta heat is crappy!! And I am watching American Idol again and I just want to throw something at the tv b/c Sanjaya STINKS!! It could just be homones or just that he really STINKS!!

I walked around the mall today for about two hours and I felt like I needed to go work out! I finally felt like I was carrying a lot of extra weight around - and I wanted to go right to the gym!! I was looking for some new pj's but had one of those hormonal moments, almost cried right there b/c I couldn't find the matching shorts to the top I liked. Seems silly now, but I was frustrated!

Nothing else new here, except the Air Conditioning is on and poor dh is having flashbacks to when I was preggers with A and B - this house was like a freezer!! I wish I could keep it like that now, but A and B keep complaining that they are cold!! Aah, the irony!!

Have a great week!! Enjoy AI if you watch it - I might just go to bed. I did go to bed last night at 8:30 pm, yikes, I haven't done that since I was 7!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I am sitting here watching American Idol and I have to admit, I am not having nearly as much fun as I did watching it with Kelli and Lee Ellen last week!! Wanna come back ladies??? It only took you about, hum, 5 hours to get here!

Anyway, not too much around here! I had to get a haircut today - I was waiting until I could get highlights and stuff, since being pregnant makes me smell things that really only exist in the world of dog noses. But I couldn't take it, so I had a couple of inches chopped off and Kate put in highlights without bleach or touching my skin. I feel sooooo much better. Plus she fixed my eyebrows - they had started to take on a new zipcode all to themselves!! Now I feel so much more like myself. I mean my color was down a good five inches from the top of my head and I have really dark hair. Let me just tell you it looked bad. I will maybe, take a picture tomorrow, only if my face doesn't look too swollen. Everytime I am pregnant not only do my eyebrows take over, but my nose swells. Strange I know, and maybe TMI but really my only pregnancy issue so far!!

As for being pregnant, everything seems to be going well. Baby C had the hiccups tonight for about 25 minutes. I also have butt and feet in my lungs which is okay, but going up the stairs should not make me breathless, but I feel as if I have no lung capacity at all!! In all honesty though, being preggers with one is a breeze compared to being prenant with A and B!!

Atlanta weather has been wonderful these last two days!! I love the 70's!! A and B have been enjoying riding their bikes around. The rode to the 'park' which is our subdivisions playground. They were pretending to go to the grocery store!! I just love imagination play - it is just so much fun to watch and listen to!!

Now American Idol is over and it was not too bad tonight!! I have to say I don't know who is going home, even little San'too much like Michael Jackson'Jaya didn't too badly tonight. Okay, he still cannot sing, but he at least has some fun. My favorite was Melinda as usual!! But since I don't ever vote, I can't complain about who stays and who goes tomorrow!!

Now I am on to my tivo'd, Americas Next Top Model, I know, what the heck am I doing watching this?? I love modeling and fashion - the rest I just skip through!!

Wow, this actually a very choppy update - I hope you can read it! Have a great day!! K out

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Hey Summer,
Kelli and I thought you might like to share in our granola . . .

Make your own napkin . . .

A new home for Aunt Flo!

Whoa, I really need to update!!

Life around here is finally starting to settle down!! The twins club consignment sale seems to take up a week before and then a week to rest afterwards!! And I have been totally slacking on blogging while I stalk the internet for cloth diapers!! So, Kelli is driving through Atlanta and staying here tonight!! YEAH!! I Cannot wait! But I wanted to post some new pics for you!!

The first is a random picture of a car I was behind the other day. I don’t even think this picture does the amount of bread that was in this car justice – the whole backseat was full!! I sure hope they are collecting this for a church or a food bank!!

Now onto the girls, they are getting so big!! The one of the girls with the face painting is from the Multiples Club Valentines’ Day Party! Baby B was wearing her shoulder brace still! Then just cute poses from recently!!

Then the girls are taking ice skating this winter!! These are pictures from their first day!! I will need to take some new ones since they have been skating now for about 3 months now!!