Sunday, November 20, 2005


In an amazing turn of events the unranked yellow jackets BEAT the miami hurricanes!! I LOVE IT!!!! What does this mean for the HOKIES??? I JUST DON'T KNOW - but it has to be good!! Still no national championship - but we will move up again and stay put in the top ten!!! And we had a good ole' Wahoo takedown!! As Skettie says it best, there are boo-hoos in Woo-ville!!

I did finish all my housework the other day - in record time!! So the house was presentable for the first few hours - and now - its back to its normal choatic state!! The girls are enjoying the spoiling - and I have enjoyed some moments of no responsibility!! Gotta love it!!

Friday, November 18, 2005


My mother and Joe will be arriving in, oh, around, 4 hours - unless my mom is driving and then it will probably be 3. And I thought that I would share my list of things that i have to do b4 they get here. I really wanted to go to the gym but A and B have a cold and they sound miserable . . . so no gym . . . I really am broken up!


1. Empty dishwasher
2. Clean kithen countertops and stove
3. Vaccuum (learn to spell vaccuum)
a. family room
b. stairs
c. guest bedroom
4. Clean the girls bathroom since it is bath night and I know my mom will want to go in there - so mildew beware - here I come
5. Finish wrapping their Christmas gifts - only about 10 of those!!
7. Keep the girls busy so that I can do all these things
8. Stop blogging so that I can get these things done
9. Get off my bum

Stayed tuned to see if I can really do this . . . . . . . . . . . .

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

you are wonderful women

Hi loyal blog readers, thank you for your kind comments. I really am okay - I got it out and had my catharthis for the day. (that is a a really big word - i love to use it, but i don't know if i spelled it right!) BUT then I watched LOST, and as skettie knows, felt totally like ABC pulled one over on us, so much for an extended version - 4 minutes of previous footage. C'MON!!
Anyways, i am off to bed, I just wanted to thank you all, even if you don't know it, I know that you are all there for me and it means alot. Have a great day, I am going to be cleaning like a mad woman tomorrow b/c my momma arrives on friday. YIKES - So much to do, so little time !!!

Bittersweet, upper and downer

So, after 5 months of running and really trying not to overeat, I have lost 28 pounds and maintained it through bouts of non-gym weeks!! I am psyched! Just another . . . well, I’ll tell you once I’ve lost it! I was really excited - time for new clothes!! I went into the attic and pulled out a box of clothes I had put away years ago.
I found several pairs of smaller jeans and smaller tops. Now, I still have many I don’t fit yet, but I think I will have to throw them away. Because, I sat there looking at them and realized the last time I wore some of those clothes I was pregnant with Jean and Joan. I was so sad. I just felt like someone had punched me in the gut, and there I was reliving every moment that the girls were with us, while I was pregnant and after they died. I hate grief; it totally sneaks up on you when you least expect it. I have gotten used to seeing kids the age they might be, I do okay on their birthday, and I talk to and comfort parents that are experiencing grief over the loss of babies. However, I do still cringe when someone asks how many kids I have and I say two, because, I don’t want to explain that I really have four, and go through it all with them. But not too often am I brought to tears anymore – except today.
So now I am having a pity party. I am blogging about it because it makes me feel better to write about it – and just share. And A and B are napping, and I just want to run in and hug them, and tell them for the 15 millionth time how much I love them. So now that everyone has joined the party with me – I do feel much better. Maybe I should put a disclaimer on this entry – heck, I might not even hit publish. But, whom else but my two faithful blog readers could I share this with?? Thanks for ‘listening’ I really do feel better, and I think some skinny-minnie, at Goodwill, might appreciate these clothes, more than I ever will.

i'm here!

Okay, I have been so busy this week, i haven't blogged or even really looked at blogs. But I am here now!! I am in the middle of painting my dining room - and it is starting to come together. I have put the base coats under the chair rail, and yesterday I painted the chair rail black. Now, if you just went, eew black chair rail, you aren't alone. My dh suggested I wait until the room was done to paint the rail - I don't think he liked the idea at all. So, as usual, when someone says wait, I can't. I bought the black paint, and VOILA - it looks fantastic!! I was really amazed and so was dh, he really liked it!! So now, I just have to wait for my mom to come and help me with the faux finish, the antique leather look. But don't worry, she is coming on friday to visit!! Yeah, a visitor that won't drive me totally crazy!! she will be here until the saturday after Thanksgiving- so it will be quite a long visit - well, we will see how it goes!!

So now, i am going to get the girls ready for gym and swim! They still love it! And I will run while they are playing! but I will have to run inside since it has been raining all morning! So my goals for the day, run at least 2.5 miles, eliptical at least 1.5!! i know I should add weights to my exercise but i hate doing them! so I need some encouragement - or reasons why I should do them. Anyone, Bueller, Bueller???

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Okay - so the fog hasn't lifted

I was way off thinking that this weekend was next weekend - GATECH plays UVA this week and Miami next - so I am still rooting for GATECH - they (we) need the BCSpoints. Then i will root for them again next week when they play Miami. I hope the Hokies are working this weekend and not goofing off - Marcus does not need to be arrested again!! Hehe.

Info in Twos

Here you all go, i borrowed the questions from Kel's blog!!

Two names you go by:
1. Mommy
2. Karebear

2 parts of your heritage:
1. Adoption (so anyday I can choose - it is just hard to convince people that I am Asian. But a few people here in ATL think my bum has some African Heritage involved- really funny story!)
2. Scottish (This is how I was brought up!)

2 things that scare you:
1. When my dog barks at night
2. Bad dreams (I am a very vivid dreamer)

2 of your everyday essentials:
1. Chapstick
2. Shoes

2 things you are wearing right now:
1. Flannel pants - it does get a little cold here in ATL
2. Thermal long-sleeved top - Really, it was cold last night

2 of your favorite bands or musical artists (at the moment):
1. Madonna - I just found my cd last week and i have jamming with her greatest hits for the last few weeks.
2. Indigo Girls - as always, they just have songs that i never get tired of listening to

2 favorite songs (at the moment):
1. The wheels on the bus - it keeps the girls awake in the car - so they can make it home to nap
2. A really strange rap song about running and sweating - I can't remember the name but i love running to it at the gym b/c it has a great beat!

2 things you want in a relationship (other than real love):
1. tranquility
2. special moments that you wish could last forever

2 physical things that appeal to you (in the opposite sex)
1. Eyes
2. Arms (Sounds weird, but this is what i thought of right now)

2 of your favorite hobbies
1. Tennis
2. Running

2 things you want really badly:
1. A new wardrobe
2. A maid

2 places you want to go on vacation:
1. New Zealand
2. Las Vegas

2 things you want to do before you die:
1. When i turn 80- I want to skydive
2. Watch my children be happy adults

2 ways that you are stereotypically a girl:
1. I love getting my hair done
2. I love sappy, romantic movies and teen tv shows

2 things you are thinking about right now:
1. My shoulder - i pulled a muscle in tennis and I have to play today and I have a really important match on Monday - we have to win to make the playoffs
2. The girls are 'fishing' with their plastic necklaces in the air vents and i am wondering if I should tell them to stop before they lose them down the vent!

2 stores you shop at
1. Old Navy - although i would like this place alot more if they would stop making all their clothes stretchy - i mean stop putting spandex in your jeans - oh, yeah and no more utltra low waist - i have mommy - tummy - nobody wants to see that hanging out over the top of my jeans!! (I know TMI - but really - its pretty gross - and one of those things they don't tell you about!! - OH WOW! My new theory to stop teenagers - mainly my girls when they are teens -from wanting to have babies is that I will wear ultra low jeans and let it all hang out!! I think that would scare any self-conscious teen into abstinence! OH, i am so going to be that embarrassing parent - you think??

Well, that sure turned out a little longer than i expected!! And my shift key is not working all that well, so please excuse my 'i' we are hopefully getting a new laptop for christmas - so my keyboard will work without retyping things ten times!!
Have a great weekend!!

The Fog has lifted . . .

So, it has been seven days since my beloved hokies bit the dust. So today I have new favorite team (it is just for the day) and that team is the GA Tech yellow jackets. They are playing Miami and I need a small miracle of a yellow jacket win . . . GO JACKETS!! Oh, yeah, c'mon hokies, you can do it too!! BEAT THOSE WAHOOS!!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Story of One Very Bad Day

The alarm clock sounded, the same song as always. He threw off the covers, butterflies floated from his stomach all the way to his toes and tingled with excitement. He ran his fingers threw his gray hair and started getting ready for the day. Everything was normal - the shower, his breakfast, and kisses with his wife as he left for the office. It was a quick drive through the small town, but he smiled with pride on this exciting day. He parked, stepped out of car and stared at his office. Large, clean and empty at this moment. He went inside to his desk, looked over notes, made some calls, by the time he talked to reporters - the screaming fans had surrounded his office building. Oh, he was a celebrity now!!

It was finally time for the big meeting. He walked into the large room filled with the young men. He patted shoulders, and shouted encouragement as he approached the podium. Yes, he could smell it. The testosterone, the sweat and the win they had worked so hard to achieve. They reviewed lessons, talked some strategy, and then shouted, “It is Time!!”

He and his men ran down the long hallway, they all touched the ceremonial stone and ran out into the green office. Thousands of screaming fans had worked themselves into frenzy!! Young and old fans screamed at the rock stars of the field – he and his men ran to their side of the field. They all took their positions and the old man was happy. This was supposed to be their day. Here and now - they could prove themselves worthy of the fame they achieved. The whistle blew and the game began and the old man did everything he could to stay in control. His mighty defensive team roared against the orange offense, and managed to hold them off – but his offense was a sad story. The main man, the legendary brother, the media favorite, choked, - he fumbled, threw bad passes, and drowned in a very large pool of football shame.

The old man stood fast. He continued to call play after play, but the defense weary from the their regular workload struggled under the pressure of playing overtime. The crowds far and near watched the dream of another National Championship slip down the long slippery tube. The young men lost the game. The old man admitted defeat.

And the day only got worse when the lone blogger yelled at the old man from afar – “ you might want to put in another quarterback now, second string couldn’t do any worse!”

This is the story of Frank Beamer’s very bad day.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

49 days . . .

My girls have never really paid attention to commercials. Well, I guess we only had one PBS station with kids shows, so there were no commercials. Now, we have Disney and Nick. and we watch Little Einsteins, Dora and the Backyardigans (which I personally love) but the commercials are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying. Yesterday the girls saw a commercial and and then informed me that 'I need that at my house now!' Oh, so we NEED Cinderella's vanity table?? (I hope they put some commercials on for basements so that I can say - 'I need that!')

Christmas is coming up in 49 days (I just counted) and when we went into ToysR'us yesterday I thought 'oh my gosh is Christmas tommorrow?' The employees were flying around stocking shelves wih their little red hats on, people were running and picking up toys like they were going to disappear, and there were big red bows with lights everywhere! I mean if I really took the girls need for the Cinderella vanity seriously - Would I be running around looking for it before it sold out? Good thing I have been training all summer!!

Yikes - this turned into a real vent!! I have been up since 5AM with the little girls - so i am feeling a litttle like Miss Hannigan!!


Thursday, November 03, 2005


OKay, so flipping during the commercials pays off!! Joshua Jackson is in a movie on ABC Family - Shadows in the Sun - November 13th!! (Nightime) Looks like a family movie, no surprise, ABC family!! I LOVE HAVING CABLE, Hokies on ESPN and a Pacey movie!! YEAH!!


Today I wore my new long sleeved VT t-shirt!! I went shopping while the girls were at school and instead of people asking me, 'are they twins?' - people wanted to talk to me about VT! One lady was a VT alumni and the other memorable person was a Miami alum. Now the Miami alum was my fathers age and he was all cocky about the game until I told him it was in the 'burg!! Then I told him we had the advantage and walked away - I sure hope those Hokies don't let me down!!

AAGH- I just saw a commerial for thte movie RENT!!! I can't WAIT!! I know every single word since I own the soundtrack (love it) but I never had the opportunity to see it on stage!! I am so in the theater nov.23 and I may be the only one- but I will be singing right along - maybe I should be the only one in the theater - can I sing along in the theater??

Okay everyone, have a great evening - i am watching the OC and Summer is killing me!!! She and Cohen are my favorites this season (as usual) they are wicked and full of banter!! ("I love parrots, they are just too cute!" Summer) Ryan and Marissa are too dramatic and repetitive for me. The psycho blond women that is stalking Kristen is just too much and - I just don't care about her.

Boy, this is jumpy, blogging during the commercials doesn't lead to a cohesive blog. karen out

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


So I am back, without a story. So sorry, I couldn’t think of anything to write!! But I am sitting here in the YMCA not running today because my head cold has gone into my chest – and I am wheezing like an old bat and coughing like I would like to bring up a lung!! Yuck – I know! But we have a coffee shop in here and I brought my laptop so I could blog while the girls are in gymnastics and swimming! They are so cute in gym class –B is a natural on the beam and A loves the trampoline! But I think the most amazing thing was watching them at swimming last week. They were jumping in, fearless, expecting the instructor to catch them. They were actually wearing the floaties that they wouldn’t wear for me and they looked so independent!! I felt old – or actually I felt like my kids are growing up – and there actually might be a time when they don’t need me to wipe their bums and their noses!!

We have had a plethora of visitors during these last few weeks. It started with Aunt Jackie and DH’s cousin Jana. We had a great time with them – they hadn’t visited our house before so it was refreshing to have new guests!! Jana is pregnant with a little boy that is due in January. Although, they plan to deliver her in Dec., because she has a heart condition that, honestly, may get really bad during delivery. She is worried. Her mother Jackie is a mess, and holding on by a thread. So keep Jana and her family in your prayers – I think they are going to need them!

The next weekend my dad came to visit. He was here for the girls 3rd birthday. Which was really fun. We just invited a couple of other kids to join us at the local park for cake and playtime. It was the easiest party I have ever thrown – and every kid got to use the swings at the same time without having to take turns. The next day was the Mothers of Multiples Halloween party – which was super cute. I love seeing how creative moms can get with costumes, but my favorite group were the 15 month old triplets, all dressed up like different vegetables – and being pulled around in this train-like wagon from Little Tykes. TOO CUTE!! A and B were cheerleaders – thanks to Aunt Kelli!! In fact, we have been cheerleaders many%2