Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last blog . . . of the year!

So this will be my last blog of the year!! You know, that is one of the oldest jokes but it still cracks me up!! I have the stomach flu so this entry won't be too long, but I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year - and a fun evening with Dick Clark (or his replacement.) We are supposed to go out- but we will see how I am feeling by then!! I promise Holiday stories soon, but just a little information, I am socially burnt out. Me. No more grandparents for as long as possible! It is kid bootcamp here now - so - party hard and enjoy yourselves! k

Thursday, December 29, 2005

I'll be back, soon, i promise

Well, the last of my visitors leaves tomorrow!! So I will write my Christmas novella tomorrow - so check back . . . I just wanted to update and let you know we survived another holiday season! k out

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Well... it is 5:00 AM and I am awake!! WHY you ask?? Good question!! I had a nightmare. No, I am totally okay and not scared - I had a nightmare before Christmas. I dreamt it was Christmas morning and we had not brought the gifts downstairs. AAGH!! It was horrible. The girls were ready to open presents and my MIL wanted to know where all the presents she had sent down were and what was I just doing sitting there!! And it was one of those dreams where you can't do anything!! So I just sat there and got those horrible excited butterflies in my stomach - which I woke up with and could not go back to sleep!! So here I am, and I am cold and watching a Jennifer Love Hewitt movie- maybe this is the nightmare??

So the girls play was really cute. It was a 20 minute preshool musical. They both wore their costumes, A was a sheep and B was an angel. TOO CUTE, but really no fun America's Home Video moments! Maybe next year??

So please everyone enjoy A Merry Christmas!! I quess I really should be up and excited because tonight, around 2005 years ago, CHRIST WAS BORN!! And what a gift that was for us!! So smile today, no matter what, because GOD loves you and His gift to us, makes me speechless!! Love you all!!

Friday, December 23, 2005

I am still here

Hi everyone, I am just checking in. The family has arrived and getting onto the internet is hard to find time to do. But the girls are in heaven b/c nana and papa jump to fufull thier every need!! So nothing new, except that Grandma Lindquist called and chewed me out b/c I didn't mention her in my Christmas letter - so I am apologizing to the rest of the world that I didn't include them as well. AAAGH - you just can't make everyone happy!! What a happy Christmas time phone call, quess she is off the list for next year!! Is that mean?? Have a great day! I also read my two loyal readers blogs and i enjoyed them - I just don't have time to comment - but I love you all!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Just checking in . . .

Look- two in one week!! I just sat down to check email and decided to say hello to my fellow bloggers!! I just printed out my Christmas letters and adressing the cards!! YEAH!! Kudos to Epson for replacing the bum printer that we bought for DH last year!! I mean we bought the cheapest copier/ scanner/ printer combo and truly got what we paid for!! But luckily, there was a real problem with the one we bought! So bright and early this morning here comes the FedEx man with my new printer!!! PRINT, PRINT,PRINT!!

And even though I Love reading Christmas letters - I will admit they sound a little cheesy when you write them though!! Oh well, 65 readers can relive our year in a total of 2 minutes ( slow readers!)

And quick story of the day . . . Since we live in a different area of the country then most of our relatives when they want to visit they all come and stay for longer stays then local relatives might. (As all of my loyal readers know!!) So, the girls asked when Santa is coming, again. (The countdown is almost to one hand so it is getting easier for them to understand.) And then they asked if he was going to stay in Nana and Papa's room?! What?? My question exactly. Then I realize, they are expecting him to come and stay with us! Oops, how am I going to explain they missed him while they 'slept?' Hopefully, the pile of toys from Grandparents and some from us will ease the disappointment! You think???

have a great Monday!! love you all!!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Don't Faint- I updated!!

Oh my, I guess that it is time to update the old blog. I just have been soooo crazy with getting ready for the holidays that I have barely had time to sit down and check email - so updating has been out of the question. But dh has taken the girls out to do some last minute shopping, (the only way he does it) and I sat down with the laptop. I read Skettie’s blog, and I felt so bad. It is terrible not to update.

So, after my trip to VA to see my mom and Joe I came back to the nice temperate climate of GA. I did enjoy seeing the 6 inches of snow in NOVA. In fact, I built a little snowman on the hospital roof courtyard, he was so cute. And even though we had some ice last week, I am glad that I can still go outside in just a sweater!! We are supposed to get some sleet tomorrow, but you know the weather channel just wants good ratings!!

I am done with all my Christmas shopping!! YAHOO!! And everything is wrapped!! YAHOO AGAIN!! I think A and B are really going to enjoy Christmas this year, although A really wants it to be her birthday not Jesus’ day. I told her that Jesus shares with us and we get presents too, so she asked what type of party he wants. She said he would like a Thomas party just like hers. Too cute.

On Tuesday, they have their 20 minute musical at school. A is going to be a sheep and B is going to be an angel. I can’t wait!! They are supposed to sing a song, but they won’t tell me what it is. If you ask them to sing their special song, they just say shhh and stare at you. So, I will update on Tuesday about their special event!

I love Christmas letters. I read them with enthusiasm and love getting mail in December. I will print mine out and mail it as soon as Epson delivers us our new printer. Hopefully Monday!!I have all the pictures, the envelopes are addressed, and ready to go!! One more day and then I will just go to Kinko's!!

The inlaws will be here on Thursday.

I will be cleaning.

I will be drinking expresso.

I will be updating my blog - I promise!!!