Sunday, April 30, 2006


Yeah! You guys got them all right! It is the Monster Squad! I love that movie! My brother and I used to watch it all the time and about 6 months ago I found it in the used movie bin at Blockbuster and bought it!! My brother said he might just come down the ATL to watch it again! Well, I do have some more pictures, but I will save them for another time, so study up!! But I have to post Punky because she really was my favorite 80's TV show!!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Try Again!!

WOW!! Kelli almost gets the prize - but the b4 Footloose on the bleachers is not Dirty Dancing . . . but she almost gets the prize. Anyone else want to guess?? I am really amazed that Kelli got RAD!! COOL BEANS!! Try these ones!!
After listening to cool 80's music the other night - I found some pics to go along with them!! And I thought that I would share them with you! But you have to quess what movies they are from!! Some of them are really easy but I think there are a few that might stump you, hehe!! Post your answers in the comments!!

More pics - well, I uploaded them - but they are not showing up - so try these ones and then I will post the others when Blogger wakes up!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hi everyone, now that I know how to post sound clips - I am so excited!! Here is a really bad version of a song I was looking for . . . . enjoy!! DJ Karen out!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

OOH - I think I did it!! ENJOY!

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I just found this one . . .

For your surfing fun!!!

and do any of you know how to add sound to the blog pages???

And I want to find the song "Win in the End" from the Teen Wolf Soundtrack - I just heard it - and it was so fun . . . I wanted to share it with you all - so I thought I would try and put it here on the blog - but I don't know enough HTML to post it!! So anyone . . . Bueller, Bueller . . .

A little more for today . . .

I actually requested the dance catalog - I was looking for skating skirts. I found a really cute dress - that is empire waisted to avoid clinging to the tummy!! But I am not buying them . . . I think I would have to compete as an ice skater first. AND if I want to test and climb the levels, I have to pay $190 to join the Ice skating Club ( a YEAR) and then pay about $45 a test. SO NO WAY!! I could have at least 6 pivate lessons - or public skate until December - with $190. If I join though - I get to attend ice skating socials at the rink, I might enjoy the ice, but I think I will skip the 'social' aspect. (Although spouses do get to join for free! Think DH would be interested? I think NOT!!) Maybe I will look for sponsorships . . . Icy/Hot, Aspercreme, Ace Bandages - think they would be interested - I am a good customer!! Heck I would even wear ice skating outfits with their names on them if they gave me enough money!!

Check it out:

or the bargain club - that is not at my rink . . .
(They do have the Geriatric Skating Club too . . .)

oops -

I really am still here!! I just got the coolest dance magazine in the mail! A what? Really, a dance magazine full of pointe and tap shoes - it is so much fun - I read it instead of blogging during naptime today - SORRY! I try and write some more tonight!! love you all Karen

Sunday, April 23, 2006

My latest LO's

Look Kelli does inspire me . . . I just can't get such good pictures of my pages!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I love ALIAS

Tonight was one of the last episodes of Alias, boohoo. And it was really good compared to some of the Alias' earlier in the season. AND ABC is doing all rerun cheat shows next week on DH, GAnatomy and Lost so ABC that is YUCKY - even if you say it is new - it is NOT!!

I want to write more, but I need to get ready for tomorrow and I just sat here and read everyone blogs and I am out of time!! I have a tennis match at 9:30 but since it is supposed to rain all afternoon tomorrow I will try and write more then! Maybe a and b will actually take another nap?? OH, and any Kelli stories would be awesome - so put your thinking caps on . . . maybe your favorite stories . . . we will blog them for her!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

All's Quiet here

Well, so far we have had an uneventful Easter holiday!! Which is good. The inlaws are here and they have taken the girls to the park, out to dinner and to the movies all by themselves within the last three days!! The girls are loving it!! And yesterday when they went to see Ice Age, dh and I had the whole house to ourselves which was toooooo wierd. I did have to cook the Easter Dinner so he helped in the very quiet kitchen. . . nobody grabbed my legs, nobody whined and I actually enjoyed cooking again!! Today we are on our way to the Aquarium - our tickets are for 3:00 pm, so I am sitting with the girls trying to get them to nap a little - since I know we will want to walk around the place for a couple hours. 5:00 is usually when they start to get really tired if thery haven't napped - so a little rest or at least down-time is what I am going for. And so I am typing in their room - while I take a little 'me' time.

I went to the North Point Community Church for the Good Friday service on, well, duh, Friday. And it was amazing, but weird because I felt like I was back at a good ole' CCC meeting. I mean the singer looked like Shelby - it was uncanny. And I sat there reliving some good old times, they have a skit team (which didn't perform) and a production team - it was like VT all over again. I think that I may have to try out for the skit team, think Barbie or Hanz and Franz would fly??

Anyway, one down and one to go!! So I am going to end here - and talk to the awake child!! I hope that you all had a great Easter!! K outtie

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Believe or Not?!?!?!?

Our friend Rob told us about this tonight - it is different!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Easter Fun!!

I have almost finished all my cleaning, I just need to vaccuum but the girls are sleeeping! So I will wait since their room is on my list of rooms!! I thought that I might find some fun easter links for you!!

I know you all need some inspiration for your easter eggs (scroll through it all,) watch out Martha:

UMM, watch out Willy Wonka, who needs lickable wallpaper now . . .

Now as much as DH LOVES Cadbury's Easter Eggs, I don't think this was a good idea . . .


Well, when dh and I first got married, my dog Goose was our first 'baby.' Okay, so he is an 80 pound black lab, but he acts like a kid. In fact, I just put him in ~TIME OUT~!! I was mad at him for trying to eat the girls pancakes and when it came time to discipline him - the only thing I could think of was 'time-out.' Yikes, what does that say about me?? I just keep saying to myself, "I put Goose in time-out, what is wrong with this picture?" And he is still there and he hasn't whined once - do you think he understands the time-out?? No not really . . . but it seems to have been quite effective. . . Oh, I am losing it!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Oops, she did it again - (I couldn't resist!!)

C'mon, blame the poor nanny?? That is mean - admit it Brit you were just not ready to be a parent!! But I do feel worse for TomKat's baby - I mean - your religion used to be an informercial for a book . . . oh, Hollywood! Good thing we live in the A-T-L!

I am getting a little tired and punchy - you think??? I am ready to laugh and cry!! Poor dh.

Favorite things that I am loving this week!

Things that I am loving this week!!!

*Ice Skating! (Except for the tailbone ache!)

*Gardening - really, I am still puttering around out there!! (Gardenias and Hosta today!)

*The Weather! We were literally outside all day! (And we used sunscreen!)

*Having the girls in school so that I get two mornings to myself each week! (Enough said!)

*Completing the decorating in my downstairs bathroom! (Just in time for MIL)

*The smell outside at night - either there are some really powerful flowers out there! (or the neighbors are all doing laundry!)

*The girls think that Santa is coming on Sunday - not sure about this one, but this is what they told me they learned in chapel today at school. . . Jesus = Christmas and Easter = so Santa comes twice?? (What is Reverend Joe talking about??)

And some links (stolen from other blogs . . .)

hmm, not really my style . . .

Urban feel - for the country house . . .

I love this store when I go visit Granny - but I think I might not buy this sandwich until after I win the lottery!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Check this out!!

Okay, start practicing . . . I expect us all to be able to sign this when we get together!! Heck, maybe we should even invest in t-shirts!! HEHE!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

We might not have tails - but let me tell you - it really hurts when you injure your tailbone! And did you know that you do use your tailbone when you move?? Okay, so I fell on my bum about a week ago, and with all the yard work that I did and playtime with the girls this weekend - I really aggrevated it. So I have to say, MY BUM HURTS! It hurts when I walk and when I sit a certain way and I can't bend over and pick something off the floor without a twinge. Poor me, here is the time we can all pity me for a second. . .

Okay, enough of that. Now I have to admit something else - I really like gardening. Yes, I do - I have always hated yardwork - but I really like planting things. I bought some plants and flowers and had a great time puttering around in the yard. Oh, I feel like an old lady, 'puttering' around in the garden with my sore butt bone. Nice picture huh?? But today I was looking on EBAY and did you know that you can buy flowers and plants from there? I am tempted to buy some just to see how they ship them. What do you think?? Yes, I know they sell turkey eggs, so why not ferns and flowers?? It really amazes me the things that people think to sell on Ebay. Gotta love the online flea market. Anyway, I am skipping the gym, once again, to head over to Pike's nursery to find a couple more shade loving plants.

Have a good day!

Friday, April 07, 2006


Skettie, I am on the summer job hunt for you . . . and now the links are not working so . . . visit the Dallas Morning Newspaper online - I found several jobs that might be fun! DH showed me how to fix the links and then they all disapeared . . . aagh, now he is putting the girls to bed by himself while I try to fix this for you. But there were some fun summer possibilities . . .

One was answering a 911 sort-of system on a college campus, I bet you would hear some interesting calls!!!

One was for a security guard at Tuesday Morning, shop and take down shoplifters

A bartender at an outdoor concert venue . . . you get to hear all the cool concerts.

An advertising job that I think would be cool for you! - "Formulate design concepts and presentation approaches of all ads targeted to the Hispanic consumer. Direct staff engaged in copy writing, artwork, and layout design for visual communications media. Bachelor's degree. Spanish required."

My name is Karen, and I am a chocoholic. . .

I have a severe problem with holiday candy. I just cannot buy it ahead of time. Today, I went to the store and bought candy to put into the girls easter eggs. And even though I haven't opened the eggs themselves, I have already opened the mini-twix bars and the Reese's Peanut butter cups . . . AAGH!! I CANNOT have chocolate in this house without eating it - it is totally ridiculous! You know, I just sit here and eat, and I know it is a problem when after I eat three or four - I really haven't even tasted them yet. It sucks!

At halloween I waited until the day before because I knew that I would eat it - and then we had to buy all the yucky candy that was left. Why do I have to wait?? Why do I have such sucky willpower?? So I am putting out here - I will eat no more easter candy until Easter!! That includes the easter egg hunt that we are going to tomorrow. And I am sticking to it!! I have not lost (nor gained) any weight since Christmas - and I know it all comes down to not sticking to my goals. If I want it - I have to do it because nobody is going to do it for me - and after Easter, I will have to find a new goal - but baby steps, right??

Have a great day!! I will be cleaning all weekend to get ready for my inlaws visit next week . . . lets see, steam clean the carpets, clean all the windows the girls can reach, dust, fold the laundry (not just live out of the basket,) clean the bathrooms, hang the last three things in the downstairs bath, buy another flat of impatiens for the front yard . . . anything else?? (How in the heck am I going to have time for chocolate) LOL!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Aah, the teacher in me loves this

this is just a little fun - but try to say them outloud and fast - very tricky!

and this page looks like it might have some potential . . .

I am not a nutcase - usually - no really!!

While I am looking for some nice, fun pictures of my friends from college - I thought that I would put a good picture of me - so you would know that I am not a total NUTCASE!! And if you don't know what I am talking about check out Kelli's blog to see the madness!! I have to have some sort of 'pee in my pants' funny picture of Kelli somewhere . . . or maybe she just knows better than to get caught by the camera??

I still can't believe that there is a picture of me with that basket on my head - that must have been the time we toilet papered Kelli's dorm room . . . hum. . .

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Color help!!

I hate choosing paint colors. I can't 'see' the room with the new color until it is painted and finished. SOOOOO, here is where you come in. I know that you have already seen the pics of my dining room - but my front living room needs help!! I want to paint it something dramatic. It is so boring and blah, but it is big - and needs a redo. So look at the pics here and then if you have any suggestions . . . I would appreciate it. My MIL is coming for Easter and i would love to have it finished before she comes. I was thinking about something Victorian or Arts and Crafts Movement. But now I have brown in the kitchen, the dining room and the downstairs bathroom - so anything but brown - HELP!!

The pic on the top is the dining room and the pic on the bottom is what I need to work into a new design/color of the living room.

Have a great evening!!

Random Early Morning Blog

First of all, Hi new blog readers!! I love that I have some new comments from new people!! I love that blogging can connect people from all over the world who would have never met otherwise!! So, anyways welcome!!

My girls are crazy about boo-boos and they are driving me crazy!! Any little scratch or bruise or hang nail requires drama and band-aids. Honestly, it has always been my rule, no blood no band-aid, but recently I have been giving in - and just slapping one on. Are your kids obsessed with booboos? Conversations in public go like this, "Hi - I have a new booboo!" And they say this to anyone who looks at them for more than two seconds. Then they show them the booboo. It is driving me to think about drinking!!

When I was at the airport this weekend I enjoyed reading a book. Yes, a whole book, without 'little' helpers and it was wonderful! I read another Anita Shreve novel, The Last Time They Met and it was a wonderful story. I really enjoy the way she writes, it is lyrical and calming. I have read several of her books and I would have to rank this one up there at the top of the list. So, if you have some time - this is a good one to try. (This is a picture from

Have a great Tuesday!
And I have a couple of new links for you all to surf . . .

If you have extra time after the grocery store . . .

Do any of you know how to knit?

A and B's new favorite toy and website - Miss Meow (Kitty)

Monday, April 03, 2006

My trip . . .


My weekend was relaxing, surprisingly. I had an awesome visit with my mom - we shopped (surprise) and just hung-out. It was nice for a change to be there on my own (without anyone in the hospital!) She showed my the dollhouse she is making the girls and we bought furniture for it - there is a whole world of miniture dollhouse stuff. It is amazing! If you can think of something to be small - it is. They had little miniature VanGogh's Starry Night Framed for the dollhouses - and it was about the size of a postage stamp. Go Figure~ but my mom is having such a good time!!

My dad's party was fun! I saw lots of his old friends that I knew growing up - so it was really nice to get to catch up. Even if I didn't know the people on the boat - they knew me as 'Roy's daughter with the twins.' I was surprised at how much he really does brag on the girls - so sweet! I saw my Grandma Lindquist and Ralph. She was on her best behavior - except for the time when she said my fingers were just too fat for her rings (long story) and when I asked to try and they fit - she looked amazed. HEHE! I might have stubby fingers - but it was a priceless expression on her face. (Really short backstory - For many, many years she has told me that I am just always going to be fat - nice huh!!) BUT it was funn - putting on her big diamond ring - and flashing it at her!!hehehe

Saw my brother - who flew himself off of his motorcycle last week! He looked good - just sore - and humble. Which is an amazing flip from my brother's usual self!

And yesterday I spent 5 hours in the airport while my flight was delayed - but I read a book, had a nice dinner, people watched, and enjoyed myself. It is amazing how refreshed you feel even just getting some time to yourself at the airport!! I highly suggest it!

Anyways, I was really glad to get home. The girls were full of stories to tell me! My dh was ready for his vacation - but he had to work today :( I owe him big time but I think he had a fun time! They went to the zoo, the mall (the girls told me this) and out to dinner! And they keep telling me about driving in his car - they love being able to reach the windows and having the sunroof open!! I guess my minivan is just not the coolest car in the family!!

Okay, I am out of here - THANK YOU AGAIN KELLI!! I love it!! You can be a quest blogger anytime you want!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006 you see a resemblance.

Guest blogger is still here....Bwwwahhhhhh!!!! So I decided to take a trip down memory lane. I pulled out my old scrapbook and started a search for pictures of Karen's "hot" hubby (hope she doesn't mind I called him hot...LOL), heck I lived with him first! (but that's a whole other story...) After doing this maybe Ace and Jer don't resemble one another but I have like maybe 10 pictures of Jer and these were the closest ones I could come up with. You be the judge? Hope Karen's having fun, while I'm sabbotaging her blog! Anyone else want me as there guest blogger, I have some interesting pictures of Skets and Sum.....

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Oooh I feel so sneaky...

I could really change her blog around....LOL. That would be wrong but oh so funny! Love you girl.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you about my friend. My confident, the one that I call just for no reason, the person I must here from weekly, sometimes daily just because I know she'll make me laugh. She's my kindred spirit, more than my roommate from college, she's my twin--if I were a twin (although we resemble Arnold and Danny from the movie TWINS rather than Parent Trap...but still), she's the person I know will be for me as she would anyone. MY BF FOREVER...KAREN.

--she has a little voice in her head...I like to think of it as the funny me but really it's the great version of Karen that comes out in everything she does.
--she pretty much is always in a good mood, even when she's annoyed with someone, she makes it happy (if you figure out Karen how to bottle that...send me some)
--she can do anything....I am thinking when Martha stewart went to Jail and lost a bit of her umph...she sent it to Karen. She can quilt, paint, alter get to scrapbooking! :)
--she encourages me all the time and inspires me to love life and BE...LIVE.
--she is absolutely gorgeous....the girl has the most beautiful smile and laugh I know. OH I'd do anything to live next door to her.
--wouldn't you kill for hair that shiny! Oh her dark hair is so great, it never looks dull and split ended like mine
--she's a great mom. she plays with girls, comes up with projects for them when it rains or just for fun, she takes them outside, she inspires them to live
--she's funny...I can't be alone with her for 1 minute without laughing about something
--she's real...when she's hurting, she may not reveal it right away but after processing she talks about it and lets you know "hey, I'm not perfect."

--you really can study and watch TWISTER
--all I ever wanted to know about mo-mo TWINS (I'm sure that wasn't her choice...but blessings have come from it)
--survival...KAREN is and always will be a survivor, her mom and dad raised her right, I'm not sure I could've gone through what she went through and make it out whole, and maybe she isn't quite whole...but that's what happens when something that tragic occurs and somehow you gain a new part of you...and for Karen she now has two amazing takes my breath away just thinking about how God works :)
--Goonies is a philosophy for life
--Dawson's Creek is a show that actually was good and people should watch it
--there is someone out there like me, who understands me and loves me and accepts me for all the weird and annoying things I do.

There is so much more I love and cherish about my beautiful friend. She's bold and strong. She is disciplined and successful. She loves being outside and knows about stuff....she's so stinkin' smart. Not only is she academically gifted but she has common sense! She can live within her means, she accepts challenges head on, she goes the distance for those she loves.

KAREN---my kindred soul mate. I love you girl. What a great thing the Lord did placing you across the hall from me going on 11 years ago. As we begin this portion of our lives...head into our 30s (eeek, that just sounds old), may the Lord never part us and may we continue to grow closer. Thanks for always being there, even when you are 7 hours away!