Monday, July 20, 2009

I promised more!

I meant to add these last week . . . but I just forgot! Here is more from our trip!!

DH in Richmond . . . see where the girls get their eyes from??

Gem, such a sweet face!!

Behind my mom's house is a little wooded area that had not only wild raspberry bushes but a little community of Fairy Doors. The girls went wild!! They picked berries for the fairies and swear they saw them flying around at night pretending to be fireflies. But it was really special when The Fairy from the red door wrote them a note, thanking the girls for the berries. It was wonderful seeing the excitement and the amazement in their faces when they read the note.

While we in Duck, NC we took the girls to see the Dunes at Kitty Hawk. We told them it was the world's largest pile of sand and honestly, that is exactly what it looks like. It wasn't really too hot when we were at the beach, but the dunes had to be another 15 degrees warmer than the beach. The sand was so hot it was burning the girls feet. But they didn't just want to stand there and look at the sand, they wanted to cross it. So, dh took them out on a trek . . . they actually made it further than I expected and then ran back with burning but proud feet.


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Great pics Karen! :)

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