Thursday, May 31, 2007

As promised!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hello Ladies!!

A and Gem!!

B and Gem!

Gem and her little white hospital T-shirt!
(I put on her cloth diapers today and SHE LOVES THEM!)

Being Weighed at just after she was BORN!!
She was up to 7 pounds today!!

And one TMI picture for you - but it is her first picture ever!!
And I will make sure to get her really cute pictures up here soon!!

Finally, I have managed to sit down and upload some photos for you all!! This is just a short update - but I have managed to get pictures from the first few days here for your enjoyment! We are really enjoying Gem - she is SO hungry and Sleeps like a log. Goose can bark, the girls scream and she still just sleeps without flinching! But she does like to party from about midnight to 3:00Am! A and B love her - they like to look at her and even though they had held her the other day - they held her today and really looked like they were enjoying themselves. Tomorrow I will take some sister pictures and put them up here for you all to look at!!
I forgot just how sweet newborns are and even if I am exhausted - when I get up in the morning and look at her - I just forget about how tired I am - because she is darn cute!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

And here she is a perfect GEM :)

That'll be my new nick name, GEM...truly truly truly outrageous :)

Its a.....


The Crossen Family has welcomed their 3rd LITTLE GIRL to the MIX! YAY BABY C is here! Woot Woot!
She was born at 11:54, weighing 6lbs 14oz and 19 1/2" long.

Send me your emails and I'll tell you the name if you want to know, don't want to post it without K's permisson.
KJ out!

PS: Mama C is doing well, baby is doing well, she has a temper like her mom (these were Karen's words not mine). The birth went well, Karen is just starting to get feeling back in her legs. I can't wait to see a picture, I'll post one just as soon as I get an email from K and J.

Today is the DAY!!

Yup Kelli, Today is the Day!! I am blogging b/c I can't eat or drink anything before my c-section. Everyone else is eating around me and BOY does that coffee smell good!! It is hard for me not to eat, b/c I did eat just before I had my c-section with the girls. And yes, I experienced the most humbling experience in my life, throwing up on the operating table - so maybe I will be glad not to eat and do that again!!

And I am watching tv about a woman who is 60 that just had twins - yikes. NO WAY!!

So everyone, have a good morning!!! Gotta GO!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another Day . . .

Don't worry, still preggo! I was glad the baby turned from transverse - but it went the wrong way and the head is now firmly planted in my left lung!! I might be missing the whole 'have' to pee thing but I really do 'have' to breathe!! But only a day and half - so that is GOOD!!
I am appreciating being pregnant this long, really! I am appreciating the fact that I have been really healthy. I am appreciating the fact that we have not had hot, hot weather. I am appreciating the fact that I did not have to go on bedrest. I appreciate the fact that I am only having one this time - even I love having twins, I am looking forward to experiencing a singleton!
So, on positive note, have a good night! K out

Monday, May 21, 2007

Not yet

It is 5:00Am and I am blogging. But I am SO awake - I hate it when this happens. I had a dream I was having my c-section, but then I woke up thinking about all the things that I have to do before then, feels like I drank an expresso, now what do I need to do:

1. Call the insurance company - pre-admit
2. Call the pediatrician - do I have to do anything special to let them know?
3. Pack little bags for the girls - since they are having a party sleepover at Natalie's house to celebrate being sisters on Thursday night.
4. Wonder why I keep sneezing.
5. Get the girls haircut.
6. Get my eyebrows waxed - need to look less 'natural' for pics!
7. Enjoy the last few days of squirmy baby in my belly - I have to remind myself how much easier it is to take care of baby when my body is doing it naturally!
8. Wash our sheets - since dh's parents will be sleeping in our room when they come.
9. Change the towels and clean our bathroom - for dh's parents - our bathroom is probably the room in the house that is the least organized. So maybe, I just need to spend a couple of hours organizing that!! Too bad, dh is sleeping and I would wake him up if I went in there!
10. Figure out how to make a last minute poll for you all - so, since I can't figure out how to get one on here - just vote, one last time -
"Do you think we are going to have a girl or a boy?????"

Okay, I am going to get my breakfast!! A bowl of Special K and some fruit juice sounds really good right now!! And I have a new rule of not eating while I type - too many close calls with the laptop computer!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I couldn't resist!!!!

Links from an Irritable Uterus!

Maybe I can get my Granny to bring some of these for the girls . . .

And just a little wierd . . .

Now who said that PB and J's need to be boring . . .

Kings Dominion North Korea Style.
And even though it seems very tame - the whole safety issue would scare the 'you know what' out of me!

A random blog for your enjoyment/boredom?!

And this is totally unbelievable - and if it is true - then I have A LOT of work to do this summer and fall!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

6 Days . . . .

6 Days!! I cannot believe that I have made it this far . . . Dh took the day off today to help me around the house and spend the afternoon with the girls and me! Have a great weekend, I will let you know if anything happens, but the baby is far less sideways, and my irritability has calmed down, ohh! My mom is coming tomorrow - boy, she is really going to see how we live here . . . well, I may clean out the fridge, no fair making your guests guess about how long leftovers have been in there!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

How To Calculate Your age in Chocolate!!

Yes, it's true: If you are old enough to do mathematics and you like chocolate, you might be able to figure out your age. By crunching these numbers (including the weekly frequency of your preference for chocolate), your age is mathematically revealed. It's a nifty trick for kids learning basic mathematics, who can practice it on adults and elicit reactions of surprise and amusement. Try it out to see for yourself, and then read on to find out how it works.


  1. Determine how many times a week you eat or want chocolate. It must be a number between 1 and 10, including 1 or 10.

  2. Multiply that number by 2.

    • 8 x 2 = 16
  3. Add 5 to the previous result.

    • 16 + 5 = 21
  4. Multiply that by 50.

    • 21 x 50 = 1050
  5. Add 1757 if you've had a birthday this year. If you haven't had a birthday this year, add 1756.

    • Let's say your birthday hasn't passed yet.
    • 1050 + 1756 = 2806
  6. Subtract your birth year.

    • Assuming you were born in 1975...
    • 2806 - 1975 = 831
  7. You'll end up with a 3 digit number, the first digit (in the hundreds place) is how many times a week you eat or want chocolate (the number you specified in the first step). The next two digits are your age!

Gratefulness . . .

I have A LOT to be grateful for today!!

- the door and the windows are open today!! It feels so nice inside the house and it smells fresh like spring!
-the girls are wearing really pretty dresses today, yet they are still playing in mud on the deck - I love that they are happy kids and have active imaginations!! I think they are kittycats right now!!
-my dh - he is wonderful - he does the dishes, cleans the bathrooms, vacuums, gets the girls ready for bed and then sends them down to say goodnight, cleans up what I am just too tired to do, listens to me complain about these last few weeks of pregnancy, heck, he just listens to me and I drive myself insane sometimes!! (I could go on and on here!!)
-a healthy pregnancy!! And this active baby that keeps rolling around in my belly - reassuring me that it is doing alright!
-for the internet - it really does keep us all in touch
-for Rachel Ray and the new 30 minute meal cookbook that I got last weekend. We actually might eat real food around here again!! Pizza-dillas tonight!!

Yikes, and I am really grateful for mud - it has kept the girls busy for at least an hour - but now I have to go and clean up the messy 'cats.' Right now, they look like those kids they find in the wilderness that have been raised by animals! I would take a picture but the camera is packed in my hospital bag!! You will just have to use your imaginations here!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

still here . . .

don't worry - I am still here. I had an appointment with my midwife today and she is blaming my contractions on a transverse baby! In other words, the baby is lying sideways and is irritating my uterus! Great, so now I am going to have 7 more days with an irritated uterus, contracting and not doing anything to get this baby delivered!! However, at least I have my bag packed and some of the girls' laundry done. So have a good night!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

1st Trip to L and D!

Well, I did not deliver today - but I spent the afternoon in Labor and Delivery!! Fun, Fun!! As I was picking up the girls from school - I had a MAJOR contraction and felt something leak . . . (TMI - I KNOW) so I called my doctor. I thought she would say come to my office, but no, go to L and D to get checked out. They hooked me up to monitors and sure enough, I am contracting, regularly but my water has not broken yet. They said the baby must have just pushed down really hard on my bladder, nice huh! My contractions were not increasing in strength or in timing - but the nurses do not think that I will make it until next Thursday. They were glad to hear that my mom was coming this weekend! HUM!! Guess I should pack my bag now, you think??

So I am sitting here, contracting gently. Watching American Idol. The washing machine is going - but I have no clue what to bring with me. I really need to go and buy some new pj's - since I sleep in old college t-shirts and boxers... and that really won't look too nice in the hospital . . . but maybe I can get those from the hospital women's store - on the way in!! Last time, I was living in the hospital so I didn't have to worry about anything - it was all there. So let me know, the one or two things that you couldn't live without in the hospital, and quickly!! HEHEHE

Friday, May 11, 2007

This is just too funny!! It is easier to breath with BIG boobs?

And for those of us that love to drink wine . . . finally something to keep the corks for!!!

TOO BAD we don't all live closer together - I think we could have won this!!!

DUH, just DUH

Summer Fun Activity for the Kids!!

Just for the record - I do not want to take my placenta home!

Um, He-Man, the movie, starring . . . .

13 days!

Yikes, 13 days until the new Baby Crossen will be born!! It seems unreal - but it also seems like the next 13 days are going to drag on and on and on and on and on and on and, well you get the point. My C-section is scheduled at 11:15 AM!

Yes, the crib is up, the wall hangings are up and I have a complete stash of cloth diapers ready to go! I am still waiting on the dresser - which we ordered - ooh, I need to call about that. . . hold on. Okay, I got the reciept out and we ordered it on 3/24 - and I am going to call right now. (And just in case you were really worried, according to the girl I just talked to on the phone, supposedly, it is supposed to arrive in the store today. . . hum, I sure hope so!!)

I dragged my family to Costco last night at 7:30. Instead of nesting the traditional way, of cleaning, I needed to shop and fill the pantry. So I wobbled around the store slowly, baby A had to use the restroom twice. Baby B wanted to push the cart, which was heavy and full of stuff. So since, nobody else was at Costco, I let the little 4 year old push the cart. We did get a few looks, especially since dh and A were in the restroom. So I have a feeling that people were looking at B and Me - as- the very pregnant woman who was making her tiny little girl push the cart! Oh well, B had a blast and is surprisingly strong. Not so good at steering, but hey, when you can't see where you are going - how are you supposed to steer!! (None of the displays she hit - fell over!!) Anyway, we finished, the store was calling out they were closing and the girls were finally in bed at 9:00 - only about an hour or so late!!

But I had to go. I had to stock up on stuff. I sure wish I could nest and clean, b/c this house is falling into, oh, I don't know how to describe it, but A MESS and that is being nice generous and kind. Now, it is a mess but it has a LOT of food in the deep freeze and the pantry!!

Have a wonderful weekend, do something fun and have a Happy Mother's Day!!

still here. . .

Don't worry - I am still here and still preggers. I will sit and write a longer post after I take the girls to school this morning! I have 'Muffins with Mom' today!! Fun stuff!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Scrapbooking and Frozen Food??

Boy, I sure hope Martha isn't stretching herself and her 'empire' too thin!! First, Kelli finds out that Martha is making scrapbooking supplies and now she is making frozen food for Costco too?? I don't know about that . . .

Dawson's Creek

Aw, I just love this show. Really, I don't know how many times I have seen the same episodes over and over but they still make me smile. Today, Joey was saying goodbye to Charlie, the rocker, so that he could go on tour. That Chad Michael guy is just too cute and I love the way they say goodbye. He pulls a Say Anything stunt, singing outside her window on the morning that he is leaving and she goes out to say goodbye. And they play great background music. Too cute. But of course this could just be the hormones talking, but since I loved this show long before being preggers, I bet when I see this episode again that I will feel the same way.

And I guess I could go on and on about my favorite episodes - since there are several from each season, but if you have not discovered Dawson's Creek yet, I highly suggest you watch the old show. I know that Kelli loves it - anyone else??

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Tom Kat and other stuff . . .

Hi Kelli - I read this article and thought of you!! The rest of you will enjoy it too,,,20037635,00.html

Viagra - Peruvian Style

Complaining about GREASE - c'mon, of all the things to complain about at school.

Here is a blog that will make us feel like couch potatoes this summer . . .

And forget the kids, I am going to this spa . . .

Whoops, I don't remember anyone telling us this before we had kids . . .

And I knew as a kid there had to be something you could do with white glue!!

Here is what I am going to buy after I have this baby!!

And Khara, I could tell you where I find this stuff - but then it wouldn't be any fun . . . And I totally held myself back, not using a cliched line from Top Gun. But I figured that one Tom Cruise item per blog entry was enough!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007


I cannot believe that SOMEBODY finally did the math right on this one!! WHOOHOO!

And here are some links for you all to enjoy. I know that you would rather surf the net than listen to me complain about the last few weeks of being pregnant. For example the swollen ankles, the heartburn and leg cramps . . . . so on that note, enjoy!!

I know somebody (who doesn't blog anymore) that went to Seville!! This would be a very interesting building to see!

Disney World on a budget in Japan??

If only I lived in Houston and had cockroaches . . .

I love my Dunkin Donuts - heck, donuts in general, but we don't have this many here in GA!

On a sad Virginia Tech note - you can buy a memorial t-shirt here - I know that dh and I will be placing an order soon.

And since we really have not decided on a name for this new bundle of joy, here is a link from someone that has WAY too much time on their hands. So take a peak and tell me the worst name that you find . . .

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

SHHHOT through the HEART!

I LOVE BLAKE - he rocked AI!! That is all I have to say about AI tonight!!

Tag from SumSum!

1.Name two random facts about yourself that most people don't know.

I have extremely short and slow growing toenails!

2. Name two things you can't live without.

Chocolate and beer (when not preggo)

3. If you could go back and do two things differently in your life, what would they be?

Honestly, I don’t think there is anything that I would do over again, I really love my life.

4. In what order do you do things in the shower?

Soap, shampoo, shave (when not this preggo, looking a little Amazon these days!) and soap again – just so I can stay in a little longer without feeling guilty!

5. What is your favorite drink?

Diet Coke

6. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A Naval Aviator (too bad Tom Cruise turned out not to be like Maverick!)

7. What is your favorite day of the week?

Saturday – family day!

8. Your first thought when you wake up?

Crap, did I oversleep?

9. Name one place you want to visit before you die.

New Zealand

10. Name five of your favorite books, bands, and movies.

this is just too complicated, so catagories:
Books – Vampire Slayer-esqe (still missing Buffy)
Bands – Alternative
Movies – Chick Flicks esp. from the 80’s!

11. Name two of your favorite leisure activities.

Lounging at the beach, Ice Skating!

12. Name your favorite dessert or treat.

Brownies – chewy and gooey!!