Monday, February 26, 2007

Catching up . . .

Whew, I woke up at 4:30 AM this morning because I just couldn't get comfortable and I have caught dh's head cold! Yuck!! All I wanted to do was sleep on my back - which of course I can't do without passing out!! So I got up and surfed the web and ate. I ate cereal and a very large cinnamon roll - which tasted awesome, but could have fed the entire family!! Umm was it good!! Well, I thought I would get some time to write, but nevermind, Baby B needs a band-aid and even though its not bleeding, I just not fight this battle today!! Have a great day!! K Out

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Nothing exciting around here! Just getting ready for the Twins Club Consignment sale next week!! I have so little time and I am too tired to do too much when I do have time so I really have slacked on the blog lately - sorry, I still love you all!!

I am excited that I am going to get a prenatal massage next Friday, the 2nd but there were no nail techs at the spa that day - so no manicure and pedicure. Boo!!

The girls are good, bones have healed and we are back to 100% craziness around here!! I have no pictures as good as Kelli's blog to share with you all. So you will have to deal with links tonight - but I do have some fun ones!!

This wrapper might give you something to do next time you are at Burger King!!

We ordered ours - did you get yours?? In fact, we bought ALOT - pregnant woman ordering cookies is just dangerous!!

I know that I have an issue, but I only check maybe, 3 times a day??

I admit I love Trista and Ryan just about as much as Rob and Amber, but I thought this was good news!!

I don't know why I end up watching this show, but there is so much reality tv on nowadays - how can I avoid it!! And c'mon, Steve from 90210 - I am totally there!!

And another embarrassing reality show that I find myself drawn too . . . I love fashion, even if I have none!

This first article surprised me!! But I do love the writing on Grey's - so the more the better!

Hey, Robb, this one is for YOU!!

IS COMING TO DVD THIS YEAR!! Even though I have it on VHS - it looks like I will be able to get a better looking copy!!! They will even have it here!!

And for those of you that are wondering what I am talking about, my brother and I used to love this movie!! Did anyone else ever see it??

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Random Posting . . .

The Circus was SO much fun for the girls! The Big Apple Circus is a one ring small circus that is just enough entertainment that your head is not spinning in overload! There were jugglers, acrobats, a trapeze act and some acrobats that flew around on poles. The girls really liked everything but they loved watching the trained dogs and trained horses, of course! My favorite was a guy and his bicycle. He would ride his bike and pieces would fall off - like the wheels or handle bars. He was just really funny - and in the end rode a bike that was less than 8 inches tall - through a flaming hoop! A and B were a little scared by the flames, since we were in the second row and you could literally feel the heat!

There is only one clown! He didn't even have on full face make-up and although normally I don't like clowns, I thought this one was as tasteful as a clown could get! You might be wondering where my pictures are, but I left the camera in the car and remembered about half-way through the circus. So close your eyes and imagine a tent that smells like horses and sawdust, hear the real band and the kids yelling with delight. There - better than a picture anyway!! But I highly recommend taking kids or yourself to the Big Apple Circus - it was really good and not quite as overwelming as Ringling Brothers 3 Ring Circus!

Dh and I watched Little Miss Sunshine last night! It was really good. I think that Steve Carrell from the Office is my favorite actor right now. He did a really good job in the movie and you should see it. It is not too artsy - for those of you that are worried about watching it! And on that note, I love the tv The Office! Do any of you watch it? It makes me LOL everytime!!

My belly is getting bigger and bigger! This baby is very active at night and in the morning when my stomach is growling. Guess, really it is complaining that it is loud in there! DH loves getting to feel the baby move and I cannot believe that we are at 24 weeks already!! We have finally started emptying out the green study in preparation for bambino - now the guest room just looks like a junk store. I really need to have a garage sale!!

I actually bought an infant car seat!! It was so pretty I couldn't pass it up, (even though it was last year's model) I just love Black toile!!

So now I am off to watch the new season of the AMAZING RACE ALL STARS!! YEAH!! I cannot wait!! And yes, Skettie I did see the first episode of Lost, but last weeks is still waiting on the tivo for me!! I just need more hours in the day lateley!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

No fun new news!

There is nothing new here to tell you all about. Nothing execept my moods seems to change to much - which is good - trust me! I had a really nasty migraine yesterday, for Valentines Day - yuck. My doctor gave me some meds to make me sleep, which I did from 5:30 pm - 7:00 AM!! Then I took a little morning nap when the girls went to school from 10-12 and then I finally felt better.

We are going to the Big Apple Circus tomorrow - so I will have a longer update full of fun circus fun for you!! Until then . . .

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Some links, since I am boring tonight!

Hola! Well, it is cold here in the ATL - strange I know! We are actually wearing sweaters and jackets, amazing. Other than that nothing fun and new to tell you! boring tonight I know. So how about some links and silly pics!

Get Crunked?

Blasphemy! Really Strange!!
Must be a really crazy fan!

#17 - c'mon lady, just say "no."

P'Diddy joins the twins club!

You might think these people would be smart enough to not do stuff like this, but you just never know who will wear a diaper to drive through the night!

And who recognizes this picture . . . can you tell me the address??

And just some fun pics, with Jeremy's light hat!! Love you all! K