Thursday, February 21, 2008

No Excuses . . .

We just needed some minor repairs . . . since the guest bedroom toilet started leaking!! Don't worry, dh knows what he is doing!!

This is the clue that let us know that something was wrong. This hole is our family room ceiling . . . we hope to get a drywaller in here soon to fix the hole!

The girls got these carpet squares for Christmas . . . we, finally, put them out last weekend!

The girls picked how they wanted them laid out - I think they did a really good job! (They also put Superman on their wall awhile ago!)

My dad sent this to the girls . . . we put it their playroom, b/c that room will only be clean when pigs fly!

Gem would like the paparazzi to leave her alone . . . no more pics please!

But the big girls are always up for hamming it up for the camera!!

And finally she agreed to sit still for one minute and pose for this pic!! I love this outfit, warm, soft and the Pooh ears kill me!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Some more . . . just because!

Click on them and make them bigger!!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

2nd Place!!

Before the comp!

After the Comp!

Finishing Pose from the routine!

With her sissie! She is looking forward to competing next month!

She won't be competing for a few years, but she loves watching them skate!

The Routine!! I took this with my camera, so it is a little shaky!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down!

It all started last Friday when A had a fever of 103.4. She was miserable poor thing with a fever and aches. I won a tennis match, we watched an awesome Super Bowl and then we finished the weekend. A was all better but then on Tuesday Daddy came home from work and Gem had a fever too.

Tuesday, I took Goose to the specialist/surgical $$$ vet and he doesn't have cancer but a very bad case of 'arthritis' in his front shoulders! What looked like cancer spots were actually pieces of bone that have broken off and now are floating in his shoulder. He had 'septic arthritis' last week, which is pretty bad. But from now on, he needs a comfy bed, medicine and no jumping. Today he jumped up onto his favorite chair and off a little retaining wall, I guess he didn't listen to the vet!! But this was the best news all week!!

Then Daddy stayed home on Wednesday. Then B got the fever and I felt cruddy too! So on Thursday B stayed home from school on the couch. I sat on the other one and chased Gem when she got 'rowdy' because she was better!

Thursday night I started making dinner for my friend that just had a baby. I managed to set off the fire alarm when the apple pie spewed in the oven at 10:00PM. Now, the fire alarm has not gone off since we moved in (um . . 2001?) The fire alarm is connected to our security system . . . . we had to find the instruction manual so that we could figure out how to turn it off!! A LONG 10 minutes later, we reset it! INCREDIBLY, the girls were so tired that they didn't even notice . . . phew!!

Now it is Friday. Baby A has an ice skating competition tomorrow (20 second program) so I took all of them to the ice for their lesson and some practice this morning. I skated too, and forgot to take the guards off my blades . . . can't skate like that!! I ended up on my arse!! Funny huh!! (Don't worry, I am going to video and and post it here for you! NO, not my arse, the competition routine!!)

At this very moment DH is on his way to the airport to pick up his parents who are coming in to see the Snowflake Competition tomorrow. So during all the sickness and dog stuff and ice skating stuff and cooking . . . I had to clean!! I mean we really trashed the house this past week!! But it looks decent now!! And Gem spiked a new fever of 103 this afternoon, again!! So she is so pitiful, sad looking and snuggly.

Here are some pics from today . . .

The messy kitchen after cooking and this picture does not do justice to just how many dishes I used!!!!

Here is Sicky Gem from this afternoon. She didn't even mind sitting in her high chair. . . which lets me know she doesn't feel well!! (Notice the fan on the chairs behind her . . . that was from the whole apple pie filling incident!)

The big girls wanted to play outside this afternoon. But B (in the purple and white shirt) still had a low grade fever. She said playing outside would make her feel better!! (Heck - sleep better too!)

Here is the arthritic gimpy dog . . . who doesn't know he is supposed to be gimpy! He still has the bandage to cover the wound that he gave himself as he licked his leg to the muscle!

And from this evening . . . dh came home early from work today b/c he was feeling sick again. Gem was sick too . . . so misery loves company! And it looked really cute!

Friday, February 01, 2008

For all you dance movie fans . . .