Friday, June 22, 2007

Laundry, Pack, Feed and Burp Gem then Playdough time . . . .

Hello!! We are doing fine here in the ATL!! DH's parents were here last weekend, they left on Monday. Then I had Tuesday and Wednesday to do laundry and pack b/c my mom and Granny came on Thursday. We are heading to the beach tomorrow!! Yikes, it has been one busy week and I have barely had any computer time!! I hope to find a spot at the beach this time too, but I am not so sure that our condo this year will have any wifi to 'borrow!' I hope that you all are doing well!! Enjoy this picture of Gem, she is thinking about the condo and if she will get to actually see the beach!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I knew I was missing something . . .

Click here to read about the perfect breakfast food!!

I don't know if I am this daring . . .

For those of you in Virginia - if you stop in Richmond.

Looking for last minute Father's Day Presents??

or this is another good place to look! (I think the Gorillapod is a great thing!!)

And have you rated your Daditude??

This picture just made me laugh, leave it to Walmart!!


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Boring Update, just blabbering

Nothing new around here! Still feeding, burping, and swaddling the newborn. Still answering the 'why' questions and entertaining the 4 year olds!! But we are having fun!

I have a new fun toy, this Hotsling is a wonderful thing!! Gem loves it, and the minute I put her in she calms down and goes to sleep. It lets me have free hands and I don't have to carry a heavy car seat with me since I really can't even carry them yet!! Too bad I can't sleep with it on, Gem has reverted to staying up from about 10:00pm to 12:30am. Now, normally I wouldn't be upset by that, I could catch some Jay Leno and late night tv, but when you just want to go to sleep, those are the longest hours ever!! DH took that duty last night - but I really wish we could figure out why she has decided those are hours to stay awake. We keep it dark and quiet, which makes me think that she is so used to the noise of the house and her sisters that she enjoys the lack of stimulation. I don't know, but soon she will be sleeping through the night and this will all seem like a blip in our memory!!

So, the inlaws and dh's grandma are coming tomorrow. Finally. But the house is a mess and I MEAN MESS!! The kitchen is the only clean place just because people have been bringing us meals for the last couple of weeks, so I just have to run the dishwasher every few days. But dh will have to help tonight, I think we should at least put sheets on the beds and clean the bathrooms, you think??

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ah, my Kindred Spirits . . .

This morning, I noticed that it was pledge time for the Public Broadcasting channel here in Atlanta. And what is the one thing they show on tv during the pledge drive?? ANNE OF GREEN GABLES! My absolute favorite story of all time!! I have watched this movie over and over for years and when it comes on tv - I have to stop what I am doing, sit down and enjoy.

A couple of months ago I saw the box set on sale at Costco, and I didn't buy it b/c I thought it might be a silly thing to spend money on, but today, I found a reason to buy it!! My big girls LOVED the movie too!! They sat on the ottoman GLUED to the tv - now I think if I can share it with the girls, that I should go back to Costco and hope they still have it!! Now if only there was some ice skating on to watch during the pledge drive times, it would be the perfect day!!

And I took pictures of them watching . . . and a couple of others from last night!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Couldn't help myself . .. Shopping for Christmas!

These were just too good not to share with you tonight!!

Mama Board!
I think this would be a great idea - I can push Gem and keep up with the girls!!

Very Random online store
. I think you might all get Dancing hamsters for Christmas!!

I love the smart Tees - Great for the kids Christmas!

And who wants this because I need to get my bid in soon . . .

My goodness, I want the manatee!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Blogging during naptime!

The great thing about newborns is that they do like to sleep! The great thing about preschoolers is they are easily entertained (A and B are building a castle with thier blocks!) The great thing about wireless is being able to blog in the living room in the middle of the quiet chaos!! So here are some pictures from this week for you to enjoy!!

And, hopefully last night was our last night sleeping downstairs! Yesterday the repair guy did show up with the fan motor, but then he missed a couple of wires in his rush. We then had air flow but no cooling - no good. So we slept down here again. DH's boss let him borrow his pillowtop Aerobed and I slept on that. Dh slept on a mattress from Gem's room (no not the crib mattress) and the girls slept on the mattresses from their room since the tent adventure had become old. But the repair guy just came again to fix whatever it was that he missed yesterday and HOPEFULLY he did it right this time. Pray that he did!!!!

Enough jabber, here are my pics . . .

This is the first cloth diaper for Gem. She is wearing just an old-fashioned prefold with a Thirsties Cover!! And I have to say, this cloth diaper thing is really easy! And man, are the diapers so soft. She loves her organic velour diaper!! (I'll will have to tell you my tale of the allergic reaction to the adhesives holding my stitches together at the hospital and my experience with 'mama' cloth someday. TMI for today!)

Here is Gem enjoying her sister's old bouncy seat. This is her favorite place to be!

Here is my mom painting Curious George in Gem's room! He is so cute and we gave him a pink kite just to add a feminine touch to the jungle theme!!

Here are all my girls enjoying thier 'campout' downstairs!! I couldn't resist putting Gem in there too - she just looked so small compared to her sisters!! And no, we did not leave her in there!!
Here is my mom, pajoe, and the girls. My mom was such an amazing help while she was here and the girls ate up all the attention!! They keep asking me what is today's project, because while she was here they did something fun and different each morning!! Thanks to Aunt Kelli, we have had projects to do for the last two days - they made some beautiful mosaic art today! The girls would like to take a picture for my blog but my camera memory was full - so now that I have these pictures uploaded - we might be able to take them later!
And here are the big girls with the little one!! This time B is holding her while A patiently waits her turn!!

And if you have made it this far . . . here is a link I just could not wait to share!! This family attached a little webcam to thier cat and they record and post his adventures!! This would be so fun - I guess I should get one for the dog!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Not pictures of the kids . . . LINKS!

We will start with a tribute to Johnny Depp, this cookie, supposedly bought at 7-11, is Johnny the pirate . . .
And onto my 7-11 High Horse - I think it is totally unfair that I have to see 7-11 commercials on tv and on the web when the closest one to me is in RADFORD VA! However, I have found that the Target Slushee things are the closest to Slurpees that I can find . . .
So with that 7-11 theme - how about a Celebrity Junk Food Quiz??

Bob Barker's last day on the Price is Right is June 15th in case any of you care, I really don't but did you know there is a webpage for the Price is Right?? At least you can find out how to get tickets and read biographies for the showcase ladies - just what you wanted to do right??

Okay Khara, so these are crocheted, but the knit ones go for just as much. These are not $55 for the two but $55 dollars EACH set. Maybe I should learn how to knit and tye die!!
And these ones are not so girly, but knitted and are $50. And these are girly, I am not so sure I like the top, but it sure looks like it follows an easy pattern and she GOT $85 for these!! And these have a fancy ruffle and that may be harder to do, so $65?? Are these people crazy?? Or is wool yarn really expensive? Maybe I just don't know all that goes into making these!!

Anyway, just got a call from the air conditioner repair people, and the part is NOT here yet!! We did manage to sleep upstairs last night after a thundershower rolled through but today it is supposed to be 92Degrees and no rain. Back to the downstairs campground!! AAGHHH!! This is looking better and better by the minute . . .

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Really, I am still here!!

Hi!! We are still here . . . the upstairs air conditioner broke on Saturday, so we are enjoying Georgia heat downstairs. Thank goodness for having two seperate systems!! Camping out with four year olds and a a two week old is getting really old though and we hope that the part will be here tomorrow to fix the conditioner!!

And I was going to post some pictures tonight of the 'camping' trip to the downstairs, but the cradle I need to download my camera is upstairs and I am just not ready to face the heat wave!!

Anyway, hope you are having a great week. Gem is still really cute and the girls are doing really well being big sisters!! Tonight they played with her toys for her!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Big Sisters!

A and B looked so cute in this picture - I had to share it with you. It is amazing how big and old A and B look compared to Gem. Until last week I thought they were so little and young - but now compared to Gem - they look like Grown up GIANTS!!
I was going to work on some new pics of Gem and the family. But we only got a few hours of sleep last night - since Gem decided to stay up ALL NIGHT!! I have no clue how we did this with the twins!! So this is all for today! Have a good weekend! K out