Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Not pictures of the kids . . . LINKS!

We will start with a tribute to Johnny Depp, this cookie, supposedly bought at 7-11, is Johnny the pirate . . .
And onto my 7-11 High Horse - I think it is totally unfair that I have to see 7-11 commercials on tv and on the web when the closest one to me is in RADFORD VA! However, I have found that the Target Slushee things are the closest to Slurpees that I can find . . .
So with that 7-11 theme - how about a Celebrity Junk Food Quiz??

Bob Barker's last day on the Price is Right is June 15th in case any of you care, I really don't but did you know there is a webpage for the Price is Right?? At least you can find out how to get tickets and read biographies for the showcase ladies - just what you wanted to do right??

Okay Khara, so these are crocheted, but the knit ones go for just as much. These are not $55 for the two but $55 dollars EACH set. Maybe I should learn how to knit and tye die!!
And these ones are not so girly, but knitted and are $50. And these are girly, I am not so sure I like the top, but it sure looks like it follows an easy pattern and she GOT $85 for these!! And these have a fancy ruffle and that may be harder to do, so $65?? Are these people crazy?? Or is wool yarn really expensive? Maybe I just don't know all that goes into making these!!

Anyway, just got a call from the air conditioner repair people, and the part is NOT here yet!! We did manage to sleep upstairs last night after a thundershower rolled through but today it is supposed to be 92Degrees and no rain. Back to the downstairs campground!! AAGHHH!! This is looking better and better by the minute . . .


Blogger Kelli said...

wow the hotel would have a great pool for the kids too, LOL (although I guess you have that)

I love those pants especially the rocker ones so cute.

I can't believe you are bloggin. I want to talk to you but everytime I think of calling I think, she's probably asleep. Not to mention Im never in the car and I usually call you when I'm going somewhere.

I hope you are well. I'm thinking of you and the girls and new little fun :)

10:15 AM  
Blogger Summer said...

i lOVE those crossbones pants -- so cute! and i'm so sorry your air is out... i would die. glad you have it downstairs!!

11:12 AM  
Blogger Pa KnitWit said...

hmmm the pants are cute but i would worry that anthing with wool even a 50/50 blend would be itchy (i'm very sensitive) me- i prefer fleece :-)

as far as the Price is Right i heard that Rosie ODonelle wants it but BoB is against that idea! little gossip for ya!

12:56 PM  
Blogger Pa KnitWit said...

i think i'll mail you a slurpee- that way it will satisfy your craving, cool you off, and fuel your jealousy that I have 7-11's all over the place :-)

7:59 AM  

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