Monday, May 22, 2006

Since Karen's computer is buggy again...geesh, I'm guest bloggin'

With her complete permission of course.

Not sure what to blog about on Karen's blog but since it's lacking in the scrapbook department, I thought I'd share my find today. Something that made me smile and made me laugh out loud.

If you were going to create your own line of product what would your's be called? I'd like to think I'd come up with some jazzy name like : Gin X or Rusty Pickle (these are names of current venues) but I'm just not that creative when it comes to names, I'm really not. So today I was browsing for cool patterned paper that would fit pages of my son better. I have so much "girly" stuff...I needed more boyish paper and I came across this. Not only did I fall in love with the line and all the colors but I love the name...I bought one of every color they fun is that? I couldn't resist. It made me smile and think of Karen. For those of you who don't know, the whole reason her dog's name is because I had one named Maverick. My dad lost him, eeerrrg, I'm thinking he would've been a great dog. Maybe I'll get a lil' pug one day and name him Mav, that's the plan anyway.

Here's the link to the paper: Fly By
In order the names of these patterned papers are : Call the Ball; The Need For Speed; She's lost that loving feeling;Time to buzz the Tower; and my favorite There's 2 O's in Goose

Aren't these great!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Just chatting . . .

So I have been working in the backyard for the last couple of afternoons b/c it has grown wild! We have a forest in the backyard and it is such a waste of space - so I have been clearing it out! I have sawed down about 4 trees and found that two of our really big trees are rotting at the bottom. One of them we are going to take down this weekend, but I love the other one and it is about 3 feet in diameter - so I can only imagine that it has been here for hundreds of years. So I might have to find a tree 'doctor' to come and look at it - does anyone know anything about tree medicine?? Ahh, I quess I will have to do a little research!!

I went skating today, surprised?? I actually got a half revolution on the new loop jump - which is good since I didn't even want to leave the ice on Tuesday. My scratch spin was actually fast and only traveled about a foot instead of my usual three feet - which is really bad. And, I bought a skirt to skate in. I was getting so hot in pants - and I found this really boxy skirt with no frills, no fancy-schmancy stuff - and I really liked it. And now I don't have to worry about my blades getting tangled with my pant legs! Stop laughing . . .

We are on our way out tonight to this . . .

I just hope that dh gets home within the next few minutes b/c the girls are hungry and the Little Mermaid is almost over and I have to fast forward through the scary part at the end for them!! I hope that you all had a good day!! And Summer I hope that you had fun at Old Navy, Annette I hope that your students were quiet, and Kelli - I still carry both girls at the same time when I have too - so I must have arms of steel and flab!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Karen Who??

Ladies, I am still here!! REALLY!!

NOTHING interesting here - nope - I am just moping b/c school is almost over and I have no clue what to do with the girls this summer - you have to be 4 to do any camp here - and well, they are not 4 yet. I am also moping about the impending 'birthday' this month, my wonderful brother has been calling me everyday to remind me that he is two years younger. Believe me, when his time comes, he is dead meat. Gotta love siblings!!

Update - on ice -
I am working on two new jumps - the loop and the flip jump. Both of them require me to jump up in a backspin- like position in the air - too scary. And since I make jokes when I am nervous or scared - i have become the rinks new comedian- on- ice (actually it is usually the new comedian-with-her bum-on the-ice.) And we took the girls skating on Mother's Day! It was really fun and although it was tough at first, they were actually skating by themselves after an hour or so!! I did buy them skates at Play It Again Sports and they love them. Now they want to walk around the house in them - hum, I don't think so. My mom said that Gymnastics would be a cheaper sport for them - I think she might be right about that!!

Update - Not on the ice -
I have also been doing alot of stuff for the twins club - we have our huge family picnic in June and elections in July. We have also been playing outside lately, and even though I get a wireless signal - I can't see the laptop screen in the sun, bummer. So, I have not been spending any time on the computer at all lately - hence the lack of updates, but now tutoring is over and Gray's Anatomy is too, I feel I blog surge coming on!!

So, I actually updated!! Have a great day!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

My Memories of Spring

Warm Sun in the afternoons but cool evenings when you need a sweater
baseball games on tv
running through green grass without shoes
the sprinkler and light misty spray
trees that are naked one day, covered with little buds the next and then leaves the next day-so quick!
long evenings when the sun shines until 8 but you can play outside until 9:00pm
planting flowers, getting mud on you - but really not caring
Thunderstorms in the afternoon that pop-up and quickly go away leaving that cool rain smell
the smell of sunscreen and how it reminds you of the beach and the fact that within a few months you can go there too!