Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Our trip, post two!

Blogger was super slow last night, here are a few more pics before I go pick the girls up from school!! There is a HUGE potbellied pig, some more from the stroller pics, trying to get a Christmas picture at the pumpkin patch, and one with Uncle Robb - the new favorite person to talk about, I think they are intrigued that he is my brother and we used to play together!!! They really want him to come here and play with them!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Our trip, post one.

Just pics from the trip North. All the girls really had a blast visiting with their grandparents . . . and blogger has issues tonight. So here is your first installment of pics . . . enjoy!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

11 seconds . . . .

I can't say anymore . . . unfrickenbelievable hokies.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

blah blah blah

I am home, finally. I have been 'moody' and my ear hurts, I think I have an ear infection. Plus, unpacking has been a pain - it has taken soooo long and I am still not done. I have over 200 emails to get through and can you tell, I am in a bad mood right now!! Blah. Just letting you all know I am alive and we really did have a wonderful trip, but I am just worn out. I will post some pics soon, I promise. And I will post when I am in a good mood - this sounds whiny.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Alive, and somewhere in Virginia

HI! I am alive, really. I am at my mom's house and she only has DIAL-UP!! It is killing me, so she is watching the kids while I visit the 'local' internet coffee house. I must say it is nice hanging out somewhere without the kids, but DIAL-UP!!

Anyway, we are in VA for a little while. DH's dad had two tumors removed from his good kidney last week. So we drove up so dh could be with him. Then I told his mom that the girls and I would come up to take care of FIL while he recovered. Anyway, so I am visiting my mom this week, I am going to see my dad next weekend and then I will be in Richmond until the 21st. Whew, that seems like a long time!! And inlaws, have DIAL-UP too!! Yikes, this is going to be a long month!! But FIL law is doing great, the surgeons managed to leave him with 2/3 of his kidney. So plus the 2/3 of his other kidney (from the last kidney tumor) he is doing fine so far. He has VHL - VonHippel Lindau disease, so he gets tumors frequently. Luckily, these tumors were not cancerous - whew again!

So, anyway, I am almost out of coffee. Have a good month, yikes. Hopefully I will get back here at least once this week. It is really nice, I don't think I can bring the brood in here, but I might just have to try. I am not addicted really. . .