Thursday, June 07, 2007

Blogging during naptime!

The great thing about newborns is that they do like to sleep! The great thing about preschoolers is they are easily entertained (A and B are building a castle with thier blocks!) The great thing about wireless is being able to blog in the living room in the middle of the quiet chaos!! So here are some pictures from this week for you to enjoy!!

And, hopefully last night was our last night sleeping downstairs! Yesterday the repair guy did show up with the fan motor, but then he missed a couple of wires in his rush. We then had air flow but no cooling - no good. So we slept down here again. DH's boss let him borrow his pillowtop Aerobed and I slept on that. Dh slept on a mattress from Gem's room (no not the crib mattress) and the girls slept on the mattresses from their room since the tent adventure had become old. But the repair guy just came again to fix whatever it was that he missed yesterday and HOPEFULLY he did it right this time. Pray that he did!!!!

Enough jabber, here are my pics . . .

This is the first cloth diaper for Gem. She is wearing just an old-fashioned prefold with a Thirsties Cover!! And I have to say, this cloth diaper thing is really easy! And man, are the diapers so soft. She loves her organic velour diaper!! (I'll will have to tell you my tale of the allergic reaction to the adhesives holding my stitches together at the hospital and my experience with 'mama' cloth someday. TMI for today!)

Here is Gem enjoying her sister's old bouncy seat. This is her favorite place to be!

Here is my mom painting Curious George in Gem's room! He is so cute and we gave him a pink kite just to add a feminine touch to the jungle theme!!

Here are all my girls enjoying thier 'campout' downstairs!! I couldn't resist putting Gem in there too - she just looked so small compared to her sisters!! And no, we did not leave her in there!!
Here is my mom, pajoe, and the girls. My mom was such an amazing help while she was here and the girls ate up all the attention!! They keep asking me what is today's project, because while she was here they did something fun and different each morning!! Thanks to Aunt Kelli, we have had projects to do for the last two days - they made some beautiful mosaic art today! The girls would like to take a picture for my blog but my camera memory was full - so now that I have these pictures uploaded - we might be able to take them later!
And here are the big girls with the little one!! This time B is holding her while A patiently waits her turn!!

And if you have made it this far . . . here is a link I just could not wait to share!! This family attached a little webcam to thier cat and they record and post his adventures!! This would be so fun - I guess I should get one for the dog!!


Blogger Pa KnitWit said...

I think you should get a cam for A&B- then again maybe you don't want to know where they are going!
Thanks for the pics- they are great!! you have a beautiful family :-)

i think you should get an award for your camping adventure- just think: at least you didn't have house guests all this time! :-)

4:47 PM  
Blogger Kelli said...

I love love love all those pics...may have to start saving these to do something with them :)

you are the bomb of a mother!!!!!! You rock. I love you and can't wait to meet Julia, she's going to be so big by the time I do.

5:29 AM  
Blogger Summer said...

so so precious... i laughed really hard picturing j on a crib mattress... hee hee!

8:29 AM  

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