Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Christmas Present!

This year for Christmas I decided that what I really wanted was to have a couple of trees that were too close to the house removed. So they came this week and took the three trees down. Two of them were next to the fireplace and hit the house when it was windy and the other was a very LARGE tree next to the deck that had been slowly leaning towards the house. So . . . here are the pics from the day! It was rainy and I couldn't go outside and take pics, so this is what we saw from inside. I was really impressed with the way the man just climbed up the tree and then when he got to the top he was just standing up there on a horizontal limb like it was nothing. He was above the house on this branch and I couldn't even imagine feeling that comfortable up there, perched like a bird. So anyway I thought you all might enjoy these. They haven't finished grinding the stumps yet, so I will take all finished pics soon and as soon as it stops raining here! There are two cute ones of the girls. But, just ignore all the mess on Gem's face - she just can't keep it clean!

And I am adding this one that they took of me at the rink today . . .

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bad blogger!

WHOA! Sorry that I haven't even updated since before Thanksgiving! Yikes, bad blogger. Things here haven't been all that exciting just really busy. We had a wonderful visit with my mom and a very filling Thanksgiving with our friends. I have had to get the windshield replaced on my van, get new tires and an oil change done . . . of course all in different places. I have been working my tail off at the gym to finally lose the weight I gained with Gem, I have been ice skating again and my coach is trying to kill me (just kidding, but my leg muscles might disagree.) I have been getting quotes to have a couple of LARGE trees removed from our backyard, since that is what I want to for Christmas. Tutoring, watching miraculous Hokie football, taking the girls to birthday parties, cleaning up the house, doing the ongoing battle against the laundry, trying to get a picture for a Christmas card, wrapping gifts, standing in line at the UPS store, watching TONS of Christmas movies and shows with the girls, and just trying to stay grounded in the real reason for the season!!

See nothing interesting . . . just busy! But I am looking forward to a calmer week and then Christmas. But hopefully I will have an update for you before then and I can be a good blogger!

There is a little Christmas elf in there . . . trying to undo the decorations!

Please, stop. I just need one good 'ish' picture!!

Going to birthday parties . . . doing their makeup and their nails. Aah, the life of a six year old!

Gem working on her ice skating moves . . . nice spiral!

Thanksgiving with my mom.

Our tree . . . half decorated. Gem just loves to undecorate it!

Just because they are posers.

The Thinker.

And the what are you going to do about it look??