Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sun, Sand, Sand and More SAND!!

So, we are here at the beach!! It is beautiful and sunny - amazing since a there are a few states that are underwater right now. I actually feel a little guilty enjoying our vacation since there are so many people suffering in LA and Miss. My prayers are with everyone in those areas affected by Katrina. We almost moved to Slidell LA when I was a kid. Back in the 80's there was a truckstop and a Walmart (the first Walmart I had ever been too) and that was about it. I wonder if they are still there??? All I remember of the area was the smell of swampgas after it rained and thinking that my brother kept farting - nice memory huh??

There is alot of sand here. I never noticed how much sand could travel back to the house until we took the twins to the beach. Now, we have been with them to the beach before but I don't remember it like this - it seems like we play at the beach and then we shower, but there is still small amounts of hidden sand on feet, legs and arms. The floor, the shower, the car - all sandy. YIKES - any good sand removal tips??

Also, alligators live on the island. They are in the canal behind our 'beach house' and on the golf course. There are signs everywhere saying don't feed the alligators - um, duh. They also say that the alligators can move 'fast' when they want to - um, scary. So far we have only seen two . . . but that is enough for me!!

Remember to hug and love your family today!!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Chocolate Cake and a Fisher Price Syringe!

The other afternoon I had a migraine. It was bad and the girls were running around me like little anarchists. So I asked them to make mom feel better - I said 'Mommy's sick.' Well, I thought this might slow them down for a few minutes. They ran off and then it was quiet. Usually quiet = BAD NEWS. However, the next thing I know, Baby A shows up with a slice of plastic chocolate cake from the play kitchen and Baby B shows up with the Fisher Price doctors kit. They open it up - it usually takes two to figure out the clasp and out comes the syringe. I was wondering what they were thinking - but they pretended to 'withdraw' the cake into the syringe and then proceeded to inject me with it. DO MY KIDS KNOW ME OR WHAT!!! Inject me with chocolate cake to make me feel better!! I love these kids!!

Another - OH MY GOSH - I AM A Parent Moment!

Today we had a 'meet the teacher' day at the girls preschool. It was surreal. I, the former teacher, was finally sitting on the other side of the desk listening to expectations and plans for the year for my children!! Yikes! Aside from the first time I drove the family in the minivan, this was another moment when I really felt like I was a parent. Now I know that everyday I take care of the girls but it is when I am doing something stereotypical and others are watching that I suddenly feel like I fit the image of a parent. I know wierd. Overall, meeting the teachers went well. I can't wait to buy SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!! I know wierd.

We put the girls into seperate classrooms - and if I had readers (at all or with twins for that matter) I am sure that you would be either cheering or yelling at me for breaking them up. We decided to let the girls have some time to be individuals. They are so close and have really been together since the womb but we just felt they might benefit from learning to be themselves. It was a hard decision but they both looked so proud going into their classrooms yesterday that for now I feel like we did the right thing. I mean it is just for two mornings a week and it a very low pressure atmosphere!

Wow, this is getting long!! I have to go organize a couple of playdates and a mom's night out for the twins club so I quess I should stop procrastinating. Oh, and start packing for the beach since we leave soon!! So much to do - I just don't want to do it!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ok - So I am a Lemming!!

Well, according to my best friend Kelli - EVERYONE IS DOING IT - that is - blogging, of course! :) So here it goes!! Don't expect this to be funny, insightful or educational - its just me - following the crowd!! But my kids are kinda funny - so maybe you can join me while I laugh at them!!

For those of you that don't know me - I am a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) with twin daughters that will be three in the end of October!! My DH works with computers/software in a gray cubical with a window view when you move the chair all the way to the edge of the cube. He puts in many long hours - so that I can play tennis, volunteer at the hospital, be the Vice President of the local twins club and stay at home taking care of the girls. He is wonderful!!

But now I am going to finish this - b/c I don't really even know how to post it!! Knowing myself and computers - it will take a good two hours to figure that out - but here it goes!!